Meeting 12 August 2011

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  1. Minutes of last meeting and review of actions
  2. Calendar
  3. Matters arising from TB (Nichols) how are we doing with milestones?
  4. Run schedule conclusions (Alain)
  5. Matters arising from VC (all)
  6. MICE Paper I report (Maurizio)
  7. Speakers board (Vittorio)
  8. Agenda of meeting in October (Oxford, Mississippi)
  9. Common fund (Ken Long)
  10. Any comments on the MPB report? (attached)


Added by Tunnell, Christopher over 12 years ago


Christopher Tunnell
Alain Blondel
Dan Kaplan
Vittorio Palladino
David Colling
Mike Zisman
Andy Nichols
John Cobb

Apologies from Ken.



The actions are available by clicking here

Matters from TB

  • Should be milestone report at each TB.
  • Two weeks slippage in SS schedule detected
  • Nichols to make milestones presentation at next EB
  • MICO meeting is focusing on a few work packages only

Run schedule meeting conclusions

  • Productive meeting last monday and conclusions stated at VC too.
  • When target and DS fixed, run in November.

Matters arising from the VC

  • Mainly IPAC presentations but this will be discussed in Speaker's board agenda item below.

Speaker's board

Postpone internal IPAC reviews till 26th. Need to make clear that they need to make MICE note. Vittorio to send draft of request to CM to make MICE notes before conference proceedings. There's a difference between editorial board/speaker's board but there's some overlap. Chair of editorial board approves MICE notes.

Agenda of october meeting at Ole Miss (Oxford, Mississippi)

Need to find somebody to do the scientific agenda. Lucien maybe? There is the mechanics of Indico uploading. Can't just copy previous agenda; better than nothing. Suggest Pierrick help?

Common fund

Ken says that invoices have been raised. Ken will have the first spend report for the next EB.

End of meeting

Alain who was the chair dropped out of the call so we ended the meeting barring the discussion below that Alain prompted with an email

Analysis meeting

Cobb says the experience was that it was the same three people. Cobb thinks they should be revived. Alain to make list of people to possibly be analysis co-chair.