Meeting 17 June 2011

Added by Tunnell, Christopher almost 13 years ago

Main items:
  • Minutes and actions
  • Schedule discussion (Andy Nichols)
  • MOU (Maurizio et al)
  • MICE step I papers status (Maurizio)
  • Summer conferences
  • a o b


Added by Tunnell, Christopher almost 13 years ago

Apologies from David Colling, who said:

I haver just realised that I have a clash this afternoon and so it is difficult for me to make this meeting. There is nothing specific on the agenda which is computing related (not that my interests are confined to that area). The only action that I can remember on me was the migration of the web pages. This took a step backwards with the micemine machine taking a tumble, however we now have this machine managed by Simon Fayer from Imperial (rather than Chris Tunnell who has better things to be getting on with). I have not been pushing as hard as I should have been on this but will do shortly and hope to be able to report great progress at the next EB>

The two things that I wanted to raise are:

- It is very important that the appropriate experts join the new online meetings. The appropriate experts being the people who are doing the online work for the (currently active) detectors and the central infrastructure. It is particularly important, for example, that the person leading the DAQ attend these meetings.

- A repeated plea that people who build the detectors are also responsible for the reconstruction code and that reconstruction needs to be part of MAUS if it is to be of any use to anybody.

If there is anything for which I am really needed I can try juggling between meetings but if not I will send my apologies.