MICE News - 06 February 2011

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MICE News - 06 February 2011


Following several enjoyable months as a "kept man", Malcolm has found
a bank willing to let a Physicist loose on the inside and is now working as
a Quantitative Analyst in the Financial Markets and Treasury Risk group
of Australia's oldest bank.
He is currently learning about counterparty credit risk and is working on
improving the performance and adding functionality to a Monte Carlo
system used by the bank to assess risk.
While whatever spare mental capacity may be available is mostly being
directed at the Black-Scholes equation and a long new list of
three letter acronyms, he can still just about remember what a
VSLB is and is looking forward to reading about successes in MICE
in the coming year(s).

The MOM rota for 2011 is now complete
A new ISIS schedule including the machine run-ups and MPs is available
Both have been uploaded on the MICO page

A draft run plan can also be found there as 'MOMs, ISIS and MICE
activities' -- this will be discussed further at the next MICE
collaboration meeting.

The network switches in the MLCR both appear to be working properly now
- we almost have micenet back and working again!

the LFC will have a scheduled DB update on Wed. 9th - disruption
to data access via Grid

During the last CM held at RAL Henry Nebresnky organised some tours of the Tier 1
computing facility for MICE. Anybody interested on going on such a tour
during CM29 should contact Henry before Wednesday
If there is enough response he will try to organise another one.