Meeting 18 February 2011

Added by Tunnell, Christopher over 13 years ago


-- Minutes + Actions
-- TB issues? (Andy)
-- Replace JSG in Online (MOG)
-- MICE website and MICO page etc..
-- Runplan for 2011 -- convergence
-- Organzing for the next FAC
-- "official plots"
-- AOB?


Added by Tunnell, Christopher about 13 years ago

  • Alain Blondel
  • Ken Long
  • John Cobb
  • Dan Kaplan
  • David Colling
  • Alan Bross
  • Mike Zisman (phone in towards end due to meeting starting early)
  • Vittorio Palladino
  • Andy Nichols
  • Chris Tunnell


-- Minutes + Actions
-- TB issues? (Andy)
-- Replace JSG in Online (MOG)
-- MICE website and MICO page etc..
-- Runplan for 2011 -- convergence
-- Organizing for the next FAC
-- "official plots"
-- AOB?


FAC is July 15th. MPB 28th of June.

Minutes + Actions

Change request template

It has now been used so this issue is now closed. Jason Terrant has the change request form. The location of the document should be clear to those wanting to use it.

ACTION: Closed

TB website

Blondel and Nichols believe the TB website needs an overhaul (example: where are the change notes?). The TB website has had issues due to domain name switches of the STFC. More tractability is needed.

NEW ACTION: Nichols will update the TB website and make it clear where the change request form is.

solid absorbers

There has been lots of discussion about the thicknesses. Wing Lau has figured out how to attach LiH into the AFC module. However, Cobb doubts the CAD models made. Nichols wants to build it but wants a set of drawings for support, etc., from Wing Lau at Oxford. People agree that Oxford should not manufacture it so that they can focus on the focus coils. Nichols states: "this is simple. it's the simplest thing in MICE.".

Kaplan asks if changing of the solid absorbers could be automated to save time.

NEW ACTION: Nichols to talk to Wing Lau as part of TB responsibility.

magnetic measurement plan

Lots of good discussion at CM. Pierrick Hanlet needs to define complete plan and make note to TB (update Terry Hart's note?). Cobb to present his one page plan to the VC.

UPDATED ACTION: Hanlet and Cobb to finalize measurement plan.

magnet group

Seems to be making progress. People have identified themselves.

ACTION: closed

MICO meeting style

The new MICO meeting style has been well received by the people making talks at the MICO meeting. People may require nudging by Blondel.

ACTION: Closed.


Bonesini not here. It's been given to the FAC and STFC. The STFC was happy to have received it but has not replied.

Blondel points out that there was difficulty in preparing the MOU due to differences in definitions of terms like 'money' and also has funding agencies operate in different countries.

ACTION: Blondel to ask STFC to reply

Integration Physicist

No progress. Linda Coney's proposal of the job description has been reviewed and seems mostly fine.

(hindsight note: Do we want to keep an action on Blondel/Long to find an integration physicist?)


Step 3 v 4 document

No update.

Mechanism for approving plots

See below.

ACTION: Still open.

MICE mailing lists

ACTION on Long: cleanup the mailing lists of people who are no longer associated with the experiment.

Prepare a program of RF cavity tests

Should be a note.

ACTION: Still open.

Highest impact factor journal

No progress.

MICE website move

In progress. See below.

TB issues.

Roy Preece request to form the magnet group and was given a list of names. This was approved. Price to ask Torun to make a webpage to 'formalize' it and add an RF power group website.

Jean-Sebastien Graulich replacement

The majority of the EB feels that Linda Coney should be considered as the replacement and she has been contacted to determine her interest. She stated she was 'persuadable', however Gail Hanson (her boss) will need to be consulted. There are other candidates, but she seems to be the closest to the range of the online group's activities out of potential candidates.

MICE website

Colling restates that Tunnell had talked with Torun in Chicago with regards to this, but not much progress has been made since then. Colling feels that the MICO page needs to be moved over since MICEmine is perfect for this type of information. This process has already started but has stalled. Once the process is finished, we can just redirect the link on the IIT website.

Long states that the MOM must be in the loop.

Runplan for 2011

Blondel says that Tim Hayler wrote a runplan but running and construction currently overlap. Nichols says that we need to combine the runplans and think about float. Long suggests we may be able to save time by doing work outside of the MICE hall, if possible, but Zisman states that this is dangerous for delicate equipment if they need to be transported more than minimally. Kaplan says that the chart leaves out information on what can be done in parallel.

Nichols states we have less space than thought in the MICE hall.


Blondel says we must redo the MICE status note which is meant to be done yearly but seems to have been updated three times last year. We'll want some new charts.

Long wants to assign sections to individuals.

Agreement that the baseline and schedule are important. Should this be an internal review since we're going to be judged on this? Bross says we would need a huge 'Microsoft Project' first, then schedule. The deadline could be, says Long, April since that's the MPB. Zisman says that the MPB wants dates (including when we are doing only data taking and construction stops). Gourlay will give SS repair plan to DOE in March, but the CC issues will take longer to figure out how that affects the schedule.

Nichols says the information in the current Microsoft Project is correct. However, Blondel says the focus coils are an example of schedule slip that is typical, so you'd be tempted to give it float in the schedule. Long says we need to determine which risks to add: do we believe Tesla?

The schedule of step 5 and 6 are the most uncertain, but Long and Bross say we can commit to a step 4 schedule. But Bross says that you need to have everything working to take data and says that there is too much uncertainty in funding, magnets, and work to make a good guess of the MICE endpoint date. Zisman thinks we can have a ballpark schedule by the end of June. We currently assign schedule uncertainties based on the manufacturer, but this could be more systematic.

Long says we are doing a RLS. Bross wants named resources. Nichols owns the project plan but Alan Grant is the one who puts the numbers in.

Within the first fortnight of May, people should get together to discuss this and improve the schedule agrees Blondel and Nichols. The quality of this meeting depends on the quality of the meetings leading up to this, says Blondel.

ACTION: Nichols to create doodle poll for first fortnight of May schedule discussion

official plots

We need official plots by going to each group/system and determining names. For instance, Cobb should find people within the analysis group to make plots.

Bross wants an editorial board per paper that iterates until approval. Colling says you do QA by creating a website where people can edit and fiddle. For the first beamline paper, by Blondel and Long should be on this board with Cobb as a contributing author.

ACTION: Blondel (since no name given) to communicate to Bonesini these people and what they're going to be doing.