MICE News - 30 January 2011

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MICE News - 30 January 2011

The network switches have now been partially repaired, but there is now
scheduled work pulling new connections into the network rack, so the data
mover PC and NAS will remain unavailable for a bit.
Castor will be unavailable next Monday - 31st - during a DB upgrade.

The DSA PPS (personal protection system) is now in use and under the
control of ISIS main control room. If you want to enter the DSA
(during the shutdown) you will need to phone the MCR on x6789 and
while standing outside the gate ask to be let in the MICE DSA area.
If they agree they will use a remote release for the outer door and
you will need to pull it open at the same time.

Please note the MICE Hall PPS is not in use yet.