Message from Ken Long

Summary of the December Run and thanks to all
Added by Kyberd, Paul over 6 years ago

Dear All,

Cycle 2017/03 ended this morning, another very successful run for MICE. I attach the ‘traditional’ lumi plot prepared by Paolo; you can see how well the data taking went. We more than achieved our goals for this Cycle. We’ve taken empty-channel data for the analysis of LH2 and LiH without SSD. We’ve also taken LiH full and empty data with SSD on. We’ve taken data with the wedge and, in the last two days, we took data with the beam-line magnets set to transport negative muons.

A fantastic team effort! The MOMs, Durga, Victoria and Paolo managed a programme that was at times high pressure. Steve Boyd and the shift crews managed the occasional hiccups in the rota without complaint and took uniformly good data. While the settings for the empty-channel data were largely pre-determined, Chris Rogers and the analysers were called on repeatedly to prioritise and refine the run plan. The detector experts and physics shifters were vigilant and quick to point out issues. The magnet experts, Josef and John Cobb, executed all changes with quiet efficiency and the Hall team lead by Colin and John Govans and guided by the DCs Craig and Victoria kept the equipment operating reliably.

Today we had the end of Cycle Briefing in R9. I attach the photo of the group gathered there to celebrate the successful data taking.

We all now look forward to analysing the data and to producing the raft of publications that the successful operation makes possible.

With very best wishes to all for a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year …