Update 26 May 2017

Operations and CM48
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Update; operations to end of Cycle 2017/01:

ISIS User Cycle 2017/01, presently underway, will end at 08:00 GMT on Friday 02Jun17. The following programme has been established for operations until the end of the Cycle:
• Long-term “soak” test of the LH2 system with liquid neon:
⁃ On Friday 26May17, a small quantity of neon was liquified. The system was set to maintain the neon in the liquid state over the long weekend. If this is successful it will prove the temperature and pressure stabilisation system over a period of 64—72 hours. The system is operating well, with the various temperatures and pressures being maintained within the pre-determined limits.
⁃ Next week further commissioning of the level sensors and the empty, fill and emergency sequences will be performed.
• Data taking:
⁃ Ed Overton (MOM) with Craig Macwaters, Alan Bross and others have re-established stable operation of the tracker cryostats. Yesterday (Saturday) an expert-led start-up, including the tracker readout, was performed. All four tracker cryostats are now at operating temperature and 24/7 data taking started today.
⁃ Data will be taken without magnetic field in the channel for:
⁃ Tracker calibration and alignment;
⁃ Detailed investigation of aperture limitations introduced by the LH2-absorber vessel. This will give us an important head-start on the LH2 scattering and emittance-evolution measurements; and if possible,
⁃ A scattering measurement on cold gaseous neon.

CM48, Belgrade, 27–29 June 2017

It is now only one month to go to the collaboration meeting in Belgrade. Next week we’ll begin to assemble the agenda for the meeting. We will use the meeting to push forward our analyses and make progress towards the publication of the data that we have already made public. If you’d like to make a presentation please drop me a line.

Registration for CM48 is open. Please register at the meeting page:

Early registration is important to allow Dimitrije and his colleagues to make the necessary arrangements and to ensure that your choice of accommodation is available!

With best wishes …