Update 03 April 2017

LH2 Programme
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Dear All,

Preparation for the next Cycle continues in the MICE Hall. The LH2 installation programme has been proceeding to plan. Over the past week or so there has been much discussion in the LH2 and engineering teams about the possibility of a pressure excursion in the LH2 safety-vacuum space in the (unlikely) event of a failure of one of the LH2 windows. A plan to resolve the issue was agreed last Friday and work is now progressing once more.

A critical element of the LH2 programme is the test of the system with neon. The test will be to condense neon, establish a depth of liquid neon in the absorber and keep the level stable using the LH2 control system. The work now proceeds to deliver the neon test as soon as possible. We will hear more about the status of the preparations at this week’s video conference.

In parallel, preparations have been made for the servicing of the cold-heads in the tracker cryostats. This is now scheduled to take place on Wednesday this week. Other work planned for the shutdown is being executed systematically.

Comments on the “demo paper” have been received from the referees appointed by PRAB. These comments have been addressed by the paper’s authors. I hope that this paper will now be published very soon.

IPAC’17 (14—19 May 2017) will take place in just over 5 weeks in Copenhagen. We have the ambition to take new data to this conference. Chris Rogers has organised an analysis meeting on the 20th April 2017. This will be the opportunity to identify those analysis that are mature enough to be presented at IPAC.

Finally, registration for CM48 in Belgrade (27–29 June 2017) is now open. Please register at the meeting page:

With best wishes …