MICE News - 09 January 2011

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MICE News - 09 January 2011

Antony WIlson has just set up a new mailing list about the configurations database
<mailto:>. To subscribe send an email to <mailto:> and
include in the body of the text JOIN MICE-CDB Firstname Lastname.

TOF0 refurbishing
Another 12 old Hamamatsu H6523 assemblies have been changed on TOF0,just
before Christmas by Maurizio, Roberto and Antonio with the help
of Willie hall team, following the previous operation done in early
September. This will allow refurbishing of the old ones at
Hamamatsu Japan and probably allow a better performance for TOF0.
HV TOF0 settings will be updated soon.

Power outage.
There will also be a short interruption to the MLCR and rack room supply
associated with the installation of the Hydrogen cryo kit on the afternoon
of Tuesday 11th January.
The controls/EPICS machines will be switched off on Monday evening.
The DAQ PCs will be switched off Tuesday morning
The datamover and mice store PCs will be switched off on Tuesday morning.
Anything else will be switched off cleanly at the same time.
Some machines may not be back on until Wednesday.
All systems administrators should make sure the root passwords are listed
correctly on the sheet in the MLCR!
Micenet will lose DNS, etc. services - that may affect machines in Lab 7 and
R78 as well.
For further details contact Henry Nebrensky (<mailto:>)