Bug #995

Possibly low tracker hit rate for single-muon beam

Added by Lane, Peter about 12 years ago. Updated almost 12 years ago.

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23 May 2012
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What: Only about 8% of spills contain a sci_fi_hits element when running a single-muon beam with no decay.

How: From copy the "particle_decay", "spill_generator_number_of_spills" and "beam" elements into a new configuration file. Make the following changes:
  • set the value of the "particle_decay" element to "False".
  • set the value of "spill_generator_number_of_spills" to "100" or "1000" (or whatever).
  • set the value of "particle_generator" in the "beam" element to "counter".
  • delete the pion and electron sections under the "definitions" element.
  • add a "n_particles_per_spill" element to the muon beam definition section with a value of "1".
  • consider changing the outputer in back to OutputPyJSON for easier inspection of the output
  • run -configuration_file <your config file>

Updated by Heidt, Christopher almost 12 years ago

Peter, I am having trouble recreating this. I can not get the particle_generator:counter to work, I am using particle_generator:binomial with number of tosses set to 1 and the probability of a toss creating a particle set to 1, functionally this should produce the same results. I am a bit worried because I seem to remember having this same problem the first time I ran the simulation last month, but the problem just went away... it would be nice if we could nail down why it is doing this.

It would help me troubleshoot this if you could provide me with:
1. The version of MAUS you are running, version number & MAUS trunk or tracker-dev branch
2. Please upload the config and simulate_mice file you are using


Updated by Lane, Peter almost 12 years ago

I don't have access to my computer right now, but this was done with the trunk. I believe it was the same as the last release.


Updated by Heidt, Christopher almost 12 years ago

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The issue has been addressed by the tracker group already. The solution lies in the variable "G4double tlen" in the file /maus/src/common_cpp/DetModel/SciFi/ The variable is set to 1mm rather than 190 mm. This issue has been corrected in the tracker_dev branch and I would hope will be merged into the trunk sooner or later.


Updated by Rogers, Chris almost 12 years ago

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I think we need a merge from Adam then...


Updated by Dobbs, Adam almost 12 years ago

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Fix now pushed to the MAUS merge branch, so it should become part of the next release.


Updated by Rogers, Chris almost 12 years ago

  • Target version changed from Future MAUS release to MAUS-v0.2.5

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