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detector cabling

Added by Wilson, Antony about 12 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

Python API
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23 May 2012
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please provide the meta data you want to be associated with cabling data

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Updated by Karadzhov, Yordan almost 12 years ago

I suggest to use for cabling almost the the same scheme as for the calibration.
The only difference is that we do not need "cabling type"

Metadata when storing a cabling:

device name
valid from date

retrieval of a cabling to be via one of these methods:

get_cabling_for_run(device_name, run_number)
get_cabling_for_date(device_name, date_number)
get_ids(start_time, stop_time)


Updated by Wilson, Antony almost 12 years ago

  • Assignee changed from Karadzhov, Yordan to Rajaram, Durga

Hi Durga
Please can you confirm that this will meet your requirements


Updated by Rajaram, Durga almost 12 years ago

This sounds fine.


Updated by Wilson, Antony almost 12 years ago

My test CDB server has been updated and a new Python API is available at

Documentation can be found at

The attached examples show how to add data and retrieve data to my test server. You should be able to use my test server for limited testing.



Updated by Rajaram, Durga over 11 years ago

  • TOF cabling now in the production DB
  • Code to access cabling added, modified, merged
  • ConfigurationDefaults has new parameter to specifiy cabling date (default = "current")
  • TOF_cabling_date_from
  • Note: the schema has devices TOF0,TOF1,TOF2 -- the cabling data however is common to all tof stations.
    Since there is no generic "TOF" device, I have triplicated the same data under the 3 devices. The code by default looks in the device specified by "TOF_trigger_station" in ConfigurationDefaults

Updated by Rajaram, Durga about 10 years ago

  • Assignee changed from Rajaram, Durga to Martyniak, Janusz

Looks like the DAQ was not added as a detector/device in the cabling table.
Can we please add it?

MICE Production Server - Public read only interface
API Version:
Server name: MICE Production Server - Public read only interface
    set_url(string url)
    get_cabling_for_date(string device, datetime timestamp)
    get_cabling_for_id(int id)
    get_cabling_for_run(string device, int run_number)
    get_current_cabling(string device)
    get_ids(datetime start_time, datetime stop_time)


Updated by Rogers, Chris about 10 years ago

I did a little digging - it looks like the Devices list is implemented on the client side in line 47

self._detectors = ["Ckov A", "Ckov B", "EMR", "KL", "Scalers", "TOF0", "TOF1", "TOF2", "Trigger", "Trigger request"]

and on the server side in line 58
    /** Names of detector devices **/
    public static final String[] DETECTORS = { "Ckov A", "Ckov B", "EMR", "KL", "Scalers", "TOF0", "TOF1", "TOF2",
            "Trigger", "Trigger request" };

On the server side the same list is used for Calibration and for Cabling. The quickest way would be to add DAQ to these two lists, though strictly speaking DAQ should not (I believe) have a calibration. It is probably okay...


Updated by Martyniak, Janusz about 9 years ago

Implemented and deployed on the preprod DB. Open for testing. Please note that you need to update your client API as well to be able to benefit for the change.

Thanks, JM


Updated by Martyniak, Janusz about 9 years ago

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Successfully tested on the preprod DB.

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