Feature #984

add extra layer of directory search in cpp tests to the build scripts

Added by Santos, Edward almost 12 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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03 May 2012
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Scons misses to buid cpp tests as deep in the file directory structure as tests/cpp_unit/Recon/SciFi. An extra layer of directory search is needed.


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 11 years ago

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Please see below for a patch to

I didn't merge it into the trunk yet as it starts building a whole bunch of tests - most of which fail to even compile. So please apply the patch and then try to fix the tests before I can merge it in.

=== modified file 'src/common_py/maus_build_tools/'
--- src/common_py/maus_build_tools/    2012-04-05 08:06:36 +0000
+++ src/common_py/maus_build_tools/    2012-06-06 16:01:20 +0000
@@ -85,7 +85,8 @@
         env.Append(LINKFLAGS=['-undefined', 'suppress','-flat_namespace'])

     test_cpp_files = glob.glob("tests/cpp_unit/*/*cc")+\
-        glob.glob("tests/cpp_unit/*cc")
+                     glob.glob("tests/cpp_unit/*cc")+\
+                     glob.glob("tests/cpp_unit/*/*/*cc")

     env.Program(target = 'tests/cpp_unit/test_cpp_unit', \
                 source = test_cpp_files, \

Updated by Santos, Edward over 11 years ago

Revision 752 of tracker_devel complies.


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 11 years ago

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Great... await the next merge to trunk...


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 11 years ago

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This was merged with the other tracker code


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 11 years ago

  • Target version changed from Future MAUS release to MAUS-v0.4.1

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