Bug #977

Phone by target/sync beamline magnets?

Added by Nebrensky, Henry about 12 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

Start date:
17 April 2012
Due date:
20 October 2014 (over 9 years late)
% Done:


Estimated time:
6.00 h


Put an analogue phone into the sync by the target, so that we can talk to the MLCR while looking at the target or beamline magnets?

(Spare cordless phone will become available from Lab 7)


Updated by MOM, Mice Operations Manager over 11 years ago

Raised at MICE-ISIS Safety Meeting 26 Nov. 2012:

  • apparently more unused sockets around the ring
  • discuss with Alan Stevens

Updated by Nebrensky, Henry over 11 years ago

I had a look last week:

  • A socket doubler has appeared in the socket downstream of D1 (x5156):
    ( )
  • Could run from there along cable tray to either just upstream of D1 and put base station there (if cordless phone is allowed); or extend tray and mount corded phone on wall just upstream of white box:
    ( )
  • Next socket upstream (x5184) is empty but is the wrong side of the emergency exit:
    ( )

Updated by Adey, David over 11 years ago

Contacted Alan Stevens who told me to email telephone services (Liz Krauesslar on ext. 5368. or ) - have sent the email.


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry over 11 years ago

Checked today with Alan Stevens:

  • doubt there would be any meaningful RF interference issues between phone and 1-3MHz kit
  • pointed out that radiation dose (N.B. increasing MICE dip depth) would kill digital phone - would either need to remove/replace phone each shutdown, or better just use a simple analogue corded phone.

Updated by Nebrensky, Henry about 11 years ago

I had a look in today with K Moore/B Jeeves of Telephone Services (ticket ID 5555):

  • looks best to add an extension lead to the x5184 socket, then run up, across and down.
  • probably needs conduit/ducting - not sure if it can use existing duct which looks to have mains-cably things - and a wall mount (block of cable tray)
  • better to give it its own number
Telephone Services
  • will look at state of line and possibility of separating/re-numbering it
  • confirm viability of proposal
  • provide extension cable (guess 15-20 m)
  • provide plain-coloured handset
  • will get plan approved by ISIS
    • telephone changes OK?
    • phone location OK (spacing from switchgear)?
    • conduit and installation work OK
  • decide with ISIS who provides materials and manpower for the work
  • contact Telephone Services with final measurements
  • check with ISIS
  • confirm viability with Telephone Services
  • finalise by next MICE-ISIS Safety mtg (late May?)
  • install during August shutdown

Updated by Nebrensky, Henry about 11 years ago

Checked yesterday with A Stevens - above is OK.

  • make sure the number doesn't change on the other sockets!
  • OK to get MICE techs to run the extension lead.

Updated by Nebrensky, Henry about 11 years ago

Existing wiring first needs inspection by phone expert - expected to happen July/August.


Updated by Rogers, Chris almost 11 years ago

  • Assignee changed from MOM, Mice Operations Manager to Nebrensky, Henry

Henry, you are doing this anyway and it is not crazy for it to be a beamline issue as this is almost exclusively a beamline area, so I reassign to you.


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry almost 11 years ago

Inspection today with K Moore and supervisor:

  • they need to find Distribution Point for lines in synch - need to trace trunking or find ancient drawings
  • from these will ID a spare pair going to a nearby socket, and arrange for a permanent spur
  • want a fixed double-socket on ISIS wall
  • will supply one DECT and one traditional handset soon
  • MICE to attach to wall where desired first, and then socket provided to that point

Updated by Nebrensky, Henry almost 11 years ago

A pair of phones have been received today.

The Distribution Point is more thoroughly hidden than was expected and has yet to be found.

Will need to find out procedure for mounting phones i.e. working in the sync.


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry over 10 years ago

One standard analogue and one cordless analogue phone have been attached to the wall by Kier, via BPG.
Located together upstream of white box:

Cordless phone to be only brought in when needed.

Task now reverts to Phones to get them cabled up.


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry almost 10 years ago

  • Estimated time changed from 1.00 h to 6.00 h

Slow progress as limited analogue phone expertise on site.

Assistance available from Daresbury early October (2014).


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry over 9 years ago

  • Due date set to 20 October 2014

Site visit by K Moore/N Petley: it has not been possible to trace the entire chain from the DP. Instead, Telephones must ask Estates to run a new line from a DP by the synch PPS gate, to our phone.

If this cannot happen in time, Telephones can provide an extension lead, to reach the empty x5184 socket..


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry over 9 years ago

An extension lead is in place, and I've tested calling out from x5184.


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry almost 9 years ago

Bumped into K Moore a couple of days ago - RAL Telephones have recently sent a reminder about getting the new line run...

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