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Update Open Data Access draft

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20 January 2012
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ACTION: Colling to draft a disclaimer at next EB.


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Pending, e-mail from Colling attached to minutes.


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Colling to send draft by today's EB, which he did. Draft attached.


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Torun - fine to say "can post data" but don't necessarily want to make everything available. Too open ended?

Palmer - what do LIGO and other open data statements say?

Blondel - can we form a small group to review this Bonesini, Torun, Rogers?


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Does it conform to STFC policy?


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ACTION UPDATE: David Colling to form this group of three people (see above) to report on their comments.


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Will set up this grouping, but just to answer one of the questions raised, I believe that it does satisfy STFC policy as long as we make our software open source as well (which we have effectively done). STFC policy can be found at


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Current draft:

MICE Data Statement (Zeroth Draft)

The Muon Ionisation Cooling Experiment (MICE) has a policy of open data. This means that all of our data and meta-data is freely available to the general public and, more specifically, other members of the scientific community. However, we do place conditions of your use of our data. These are:

1. Any publication which uses MICE data but that is not produced by the MICE collaboration or has not gone through the MICE internal review procedure must contain the following statement:
“We gratefully acknowledge the MICE collaboration for allowing us access to their data. We also acknowledge that our use of these data to produce this publication does in no way make this publication sanctioned by the MICE collaboration. We also accept for responsibility for any errors in our understanding of the MICE data”
2. Support for non-MICE users examining our data will be at a best efforts level.

We would consider it courteous if you informed us of any planned analysis publication using our data at the time paper submission.

The MICE Collaboration.


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Bonesini to read. Torun, Rogers, Colling to form more elaborate plan since "if people look at uncalibrated data, anything can happen".

Should we have a data librarian?


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Dear EB,

The missive we received from STFC about Access to Research Publications is attached.

Publications & conference papers are mentioned. It doesn't mention data per se.



Dear John et al
it seems to me that what is strictly required is to have an e-print
(eg on x-Arkiv) of our relevant results. This is
coherent with what is done by LHC collaborations, where data are
private. In the present situation of shortage of manpower
in MICE I would avoid any additional burden on us that is not strictly
compulsory. Best regards Maurizio


Dear All,

Two things, firstly my apologies for missing this afternoon's meeting - it is the knock on effect of my very large teaching load this term. After Easter I will return to playing a full role in MICE (and CMS).

The second thing (which is in several parts) about data access.

- is that the full policy at is quite explicit about data.

- also Maurizio I think that you are little behind the situation concerning the LHC experiments. CMS is planning to make its reconstructed (although not raw unless scientific competence can be shown) available to whoever wants it - there are some caveats but that is the essence of the policy. We are working with CERN and the other experiments to get a similar policy across the 4 experiments.

- it would be more effort for us to hide the data and so making it public is actually the easiest thing for us to do for ourselves.

Now back to writing an exam paper on particle physics.



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Some grumbling, in progress.


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In progress. Removing the action from agenda until Colling returns.


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