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GRID Installation

Added by Rogers, Chris over 12 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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13 January 2012
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Would like to get an installation on the GRID for running batch reconstruction jobs etc.




maus_unstable_v0.1.1-janusz.tgz (96.6 MB) maus_unstable_v0.1.1-janusz.tgz Rogers, Chris, 16 January 2012 13:24

Updated by Rogers, Chris over 12 years ago

Following phone discussion

There is a problem with installation of the dependencies particularly some of the devel libraries on GRID nodes. Propose to build on local machine and then move across to the GRID. This is possibly okay, except there is a problem with python relocation #819 that needs to be resolved.


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 12 years ago

I found several problems, but fixed the one that would stop the tests from passing on the new installation. So now, to relocate the code, you just have to rerun the configure script


Note that the relocated code will not build, but should still be executable. Let me know if there is a problem. The code is pushed to the unstable branch - I attach a tarball. I will make a release on Tuesday or Wednesday with the update in.


Updated by Rogers, Chris about 12 years ago

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Following phone discussion today:

  • Plan is to call GRID server from the data mover DAQ machine on MICEnet
  • Rogers to write a script that takes filename as input, runs reconstruction, submits the job, writes an output tar ball including any stdout, etc.
  • Janusz to handle data movement, GRID API
    • look for data file moved to GRID node
    • submit job, restricted to Imperial GRID node (so we don't have to worry so hard about job tracking)
    • recover data file, push to CASTOR
  • Janusz to contact Henry, check he's okay with that, ask about file structure on CASTOR

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This was done ages ago

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