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Fails to import CouchDBDocumentStore

Added by Rogers, Chris over 12 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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22 December 2011
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On my OpenSuse build - bzr head fails to import CouchDBDocumentStore. Running e.g.

python build/


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "build/", line 25, in <module>
    from CouchDBDocumentStore import CouchDBDocumentStore
ImportError: No module named CouchDBDocumentStore

I'm probably being an idiot but I can't see how files in src/common_py/docstore get into the PYTHONPATH - I would expect as in the case of e.g. src/common_py/geometry that we have something like a file src/common_py/geometry/_init__.py_ and then make a line like

import geometry.GDMLUnpacker

or whatever. src/common_py/ is in PYTHONPATH so this works (adding makes geometry directory a python module, files inside become sub-modules).

Obviously the thing works on the test server, but I'm being thick and can't figure out how it works - and hence why it doesn't work locally for me.

Nb: would be great to have a fast reply as I don't really want to release until I at least understand what's going on.


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 12 years ago

wiki formatting screwed up my
but I hope it makes sense


Updated by Jackson, Mike over 12 years ago

configure / should set this up, in lp:maus/merge (for example) it has

     export PYTHONPATH="\$MAUS_ROOT_DIR/src/common_py/docstore:\$PYTHONPATH" 
     export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="\$MAUS_ROOT_DIR/src/common_py/docstore:\$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" 


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 12 years ago

Sorry, I was just being thick...


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 12 years ago

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