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30 October 2011
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I wanted to update the issue status in redmine so that it reflected more closely what I do in MAUS. So I wanted to set it up so that the issue status goes like:

New 0%
Development 50%
Code Review 80%
Awaiting Merge 90%
Closed 100%
Rejected 0%

Percentile is the proportion of the item that is finished (not something we really use right now). I think this is a global setting, so will affect e,g. analysis, operations, etc so we may have to negotiate.

Right now documentation is a new issue - because we don't have the base level of documentation so that we can do "small increments" for each issue tracker. At some point that goes into the list also. Thoughts?

I know it's a bit of a pain sorting out this bureaucracy, but I think it makes life easier - in the context that we have quite a few people doing software, we need some level of bureaucracy to stop it turning into chaos. Thoughts?


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 12 years ago

Testing goes as separate status? I think so...


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