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Tracker unpacking responsibility/documentation

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02 September 2011
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Jean-Sebastien implemented tracker unpacking code in the week before he left MICE project. The code was never committed to unpacking server. Further, we don't know of any documentation on data formats etc for the tracker firmware that would enable the code to be reimplemented.

(a) Does the tracker group have a copy of this unpacking code, for example on the PCs in Lab 7?
(b) If not, does the tracker group have documentation that would enable the code to be reimplemented? Is this a DAQ responsibility or a tracker responsibility?


Updated by Adey, David over 12 years ago

The situation is there are two readout formats - one initially implemented and used for calibration. Jean-Sebastien didn't like this because it made unpacking difficult and added something else. Oddly, there is unpacking for the former but the not latter, as far as I can find (I can't locate anything on the lab 7 machines). I don't know about the online repositories, but I pretty sure he wrote at least something.

b) If by documentation you'll accept "knowledge", then the answer is yes for both formats. I have a draft note but it's incomplete. The content of header words can be retrieved from the readout code, after this you only need to know the data word format which, for the record is:

Event Number (8bits) Discriminator (1bit) Channel (7 bits) TDC (8bits) ADC (8bits)

So - 0x[Event][Disc][Chan][TDC][ADC]


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 12 years ago

Conversation with Ken Long - summary was that this is a tracker issue. So I will move the milestone to tracker group (from Yordan).


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 12 years ago

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