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CKOV functionality from Peter Sonnek's code

Added by Tunnell, Christopher almost 13 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

Kafka, Gene
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09 August 2011
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01 January 2012 (over 12 years late)
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Be able to analyze the CKOVs.


CKOV_Material_Budget_jul_20_2011.doc (341 KB) CKOV_Material_Budget_jul_20_2011.doc Tunnell, Christopher, 09 August 2011 01:12

Updated by Tunnell, Christopher almost 13 years ago


Dear Chris, Gene

I am reviewing the geom filee for the CKOV in MAUS. There are many small
problems to fix. A linear layered model best suits simulation and
reco for now. I have not found the material defs in MAUS. I will need
to define some mixtures eg, FOAM_CORE.

I have asked Peter Sonnek to rewrite his G4MICE code (C++). This clean code,
free of ROOT calls, will be helpful in crafting the MAUS code.

Gene should focus on running a MAUS job and reading in a Spring 2010 data file
to display TOF and CKOV values. I believe becoming an expert at Python
scripting will helpful. (Not sure if TOF or CKOV are functional in MAUS? These
codes have been ported over from G4MICE I suspect.)

Maurizio needs to show continued progress in the TOF system with INFN. A 1
year lapse in data taking provides a target for the reviewers to attack.



Updated by Tunnell, Christopher almost 13 years ago


I have downloaded the MAUS module. Where is the CKOV geometry and material definition files. I can easily fix
these. Or I can start with the G4MICE files?

We should use a simple linear slab approximation to start with.


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 12 years ago

  • Due date set to 01 January 2012
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Gene, when do you think you will have this? Lucien said it would be done by christmas, so I think that can be a provisional date...


Updated by Kafka, Gene over 12 years ago

I think Christmas is reasonable. I just started working with new unpacking.

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