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Code review - MapCppTrackerDigitization

Added by Santos, Edward almost 13 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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22 July 2011
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05 August 2011
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For code in src/map/MapCppTrackerDigitization/.


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Assigned to Tim. Note the code review guidelines at:

Get the code with command like:

bzr branch lp:~e-santos10/maus/devel


Updated by Santos, Edward almost 13 years ago

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Updated by Carlisle, Timothy almost 13 years ago

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Looks pretty good to me!

1) cpplint flagged up ~100 very minor errors: white space, spacing etc, overlong lines which could easily be tidied up, depending how rigidly we endorse cpplint..!

2) ADC / TDC aren't explained, so a brief outline would be enlightening for new members to MICE. Also adding them to: would be good too.

3) Why group in sets of 7 fibers? 7 fibers = 1 channel right? A short justification of this would save the user a trip to the TRD - I had to double check as I'd forgotten!

4) L117 SP in the comment: "enxct entry"

5) L191 a comment just to explicitly state what you're doing here with the time resolution would be nice. Same for the SciFidcFactor, as it doesn't mean very much to me.

6) L195 Could you add another line explaining what this means? I'm not well versed in the detector stuff, so a little more information would be helpful.



Updated by Rogers, Chris almost 13 years ago

We stick to the letter of cpplint I'm afraid. It's a pain, but it's the only way to make it work. can make exceptions by appending to



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I think this is closed now.

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