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test Online Monitoring

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Data Acquisition
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05 July 2011
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We need to make sure that the Online Monitoring works. This may have been done during the latest beam test - if so, what was the result? Are the current instructions for running correct?

Did it work over the socket? Can we also run it on files?


OnlineMonitoring_Instructions_v5.pdf (14.5 KB) OnlineMonitoring_Instructions_v5.pdf Coney, Linda, 18 August 2011 21:21

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Online Monitoring was tested & ran during data-taking.

We have run it over the socket with the new unpacker and successfully made plots. The instructions have been updated and will be uploaded to the micemine documents area.

Still need it in a reasonable directory.


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Updated by Coney, Linda over 12 years ago

New directory structure implemented for Online Monitoring. Old online monitoring moved to directory "old_OnlineMon" to avoid confusion. Instructions have been modified as appropriate - file included here is up to date.

Instructions have been uploaded to micemine documents area.

Data-mover has been informed of the new location of OnMon root files.

Also available in: Atom PDF