Feature #544

PPS mimic installation on Application Menu

Added by Coney, Linda almost 13 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

Control Room
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05 July 2011
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Need to have the PPS mimic that shows all of the switches required to do a Hall/enclosure search and secure installed on the Application Menu on the C&M machines that runs all of the other applications.


Updated by Hanlet, Pierrick almost 13 years ago

I've implemented this. I'm in the process of testing. There is a new problem with the desktop icons; it may or may not be related to the addition of the PPS.


Updated by Coney, Linda about 12 years ago

Is this working? I can't remember starting it from the App Menu. Do you have an update on it?


Updated by MacWaters, Craig about 12 years ago

I would really like to see this done asap. If there is a technical problem (ssh key?) then please let me know and I will try and talk to others in isis to solve it.



Updated by Hanlet, Pierrick about 12 years ago

I will be sure to complete this when at RAL in February. I know what I need to do, but cannot do it remotely.


Updated by Hanlet, Pierrick over 11 years ago

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Previous effort to get the PPS to work from the launcher menu did not work. The solution turns out to be writing a script which will
start PPS and having the launcher run the script. This issue is the same as Online 1084.


Updated by Hanlet, Pierrick over 11 years ago

Removed Issue Online 1084.

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