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work needed to start tracker recon (with fake spacepoints)

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29 June 2011
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The jobs:

The goal is to make some map (take a peak at MapCppTrackerDigitization for example) that takes a JSON input with:

x,y,z,t and errors

and goes to:

x,y,z,t,p_x,p_y,p_z,E + errors

I've given you guys an example string. Feel free to post it here so we can check it. Google for JSON checker to make sure that the format is good (should be but wrote from memory).

So you take a string that is that example string and add what I said before. You should try to abstract the 3 spacepoint and 4 spacepoint logic to be one function instead of repeating tons of code. There will be some header files that exist and you need to run the 'find' command to see their new path (we now require that you add directory names infront of each header file so you actually know where the file is). If a file isn't within MAUS, then please move it into a new src/MapCppTrackerFitStraight and get it to pass style guides, test it, etc...


Updated by Tunnell, Christopher almost 13 years ago

Per chats: create a file bin/user/ starting from bin/

the JSOn file I gave you is passed as an argument to InputPyJSON


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