Bug #516 makes spurious mangled mausput.gz

Added by Rogers, Chris over 10 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

Tunnell, Christopher
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21 June 2011
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somehow is making a mausput.gz file even when there is no mausput.gz file in the output mapper. Looks like there is some file mangling going on also because gunzip fails with this file. I changed it to make an untarred file like simulation.out


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 10 years ago

I mean uncompressed...


Updated by Tunnell, Christopher over 10 years ago

gah. I think this issue is tied to GzipFile's being a wrapper around a normal file. Will try to fix it.


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 10 years ago

Okay - it looked to me like it was happening even if I didn't do anything with mausput.gz in - so I assumed there was some old hard coded stuff that hasn't been cleaned up properly. I didn't dig.


Updated by Tunnell, Christopher over 10 years ago

wait, what's the issue? there should be a default output and you'll always need output. I moved the default to .gz then back from .gz after it wasn't working.


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 10 years ago

Have a look at this.
  • Code is up to date.
  • I remove mausput.gz
  • I run
  • mausput.gz has appeared
  • but the output file name is simulation.out - why is it making a mausput.gz file as well as a simulation.out file?

Also I was having trouble gunzipping mausput.gz when the output file name was mausput.gz - may be unrelated. I notice now I have changed the output file name I can do a gunzip to return an empty file.

cr67@linux-fyo8:~/G4MICE/MAUS/maus_trunk/bin> bzr status
cr67@linux-fyo8:~/G4MICE/MAUS/maus_trunk/bin> rm mausput*
rm: cannot remove `mausput*': No such file or directory
cr67@linux-fyo8:~/G4MICE/MAUS/maus_trunk/bin> ls  README  README_ON_CLEANLINESS  user
cr67@linux-fyo8:~/G4MICE/MAUS/maus_trunk/bin> python
Welcome to MAUS:
        Process ID (PID): 8572
        Universally Unique ID (UUID): 1a8f837f-f36e-4368-9090-80d28d352d35
        Program Arguments: ['']
INPUT: Reading some input
MAP: Setting up mappers
Module with Volume None cannot have daughters. They will not be placed.
Setting phases
MAP: Processing 10 events
MAP: Closing input and mappers
REDUCE: Setting up reducers
REDUCE: Merging 0 passes and reducing the 10 events left in the buffer
cr67@linux-fyo8:~/G4MICE/MAUS/maus_trunk/bin> ls  mausput.gz  README  README_ON_CLEANLINESS  simulation.out  user
cr67@linux-fyo8:~/G4MICE/MAUS/maus_trunk/bin> grep mausput.gz
    #output_file = gzip.GzipFile("mausput.gz", 'wb')  #  Compressed

Updated by Tunnell, Christopher about 10 years ago

spotted it. fix put in r570


Updated by Tunnell, Christopher about 10 years ago

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Updated by Rogers, Chris about 10 years ago

  • Target version changed from Future MAUS release to MAUS-v0.0.3

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