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Filter for pylint

Added by Rogers, Chris about 13 years ago. Updated almost 13 years ago.

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21 March 2011
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If we are to avoid drowning in a swamp of pylint "exceptions", we need to build a filter that allows us to explicitly say "I know this exception exists, but I want to pass anyway".

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Updated by Tunnell, Christopher about 13 years ago

there is some pylint type string you can put to turn off certain types of errors. Or we could just diff errors to find new ones?


Updated by Rogers, Chris about 13 years ago

I would rather we have something a bit more formal than diffs. I need to think about it.


Updated by Rogers, Chris almost 13 years ago

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Updated by Rogers, Chris almost 13 years ago

How strict do we want to be about python style? I wrote an automatic style checker, in fact to help Matt L with his code (simple wrapper to pylint). Comes up with a whole bunch of errors, many in my code.

I notice we had pychecker in 40python_extras.bash, but it's commented out. Any reason? Also, is there any preference for pychecker over pylint?


Updated by Tunnell, Christopher almost 13 years ago

who knows why I took it out. I think it had build problems on some system.

I'd say toss in pylint then we can use:

  1. pylint: disable msg: C2342

where applicable. We can have people work on that at the pre-CM session. :)


Updated by Rogers, Chris almost 13 years ago

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Added in r568


Updated by Rogers, Chris almost 13 years ago

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