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build system with easy_install for python

Added by Tunnell, Christopher over 13 years ago. Updated about 13 years ago.

Tunnell, Christopher
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20 March 2011
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20 April 2011
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So a friend just told me that on his darkmatter experiment he used the python package 'Celery' to write a grid engine that works in 60 lines of python. I'm going to go play with that and see if I it's better than other stuff for parallelizing and distributing MAUS.

In the meantime, easy_install should be added to third_party stuff in MAUS. We currently have about 5 python packages and I see this growing as we include numpy, etc. We could clean up a lot of the MAUS build system by just telling easy_install to do:


which removes a lot of the maintainence overhead for me. Let's say this will take under a month (EMR stuff over next few weeks).


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 13 years ago

FYI I already put setuptools in trunk. Has easyinstall inside I think.


Updated by Tunnell, Christopher over 13 years ago

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I think you need both setuptools and easy_install. I put this to v2.0 unless we get another python dependency. I think it would take an hour to do, but a day or so to make sure it worked everywhere.


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r429 r430



Updated by Tunnell, Christopher about 13 years ago

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