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testing g4mice 'control room like'

Added by Tunnell, Christopher over 13 years ago. Updated over 13 years ago.

Wilson, Antony
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16 November 2010
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it would be useful to have a feature that marked what gets written at the beggining of the run and what at the end. This allows people, when writing offline stuff, to be able to run their code as though it were online (where you don't know when the number of target pulses ends).

just an idea. feel free to just close this and reject. I don't know if this is easy.


Updated by Wilson, Antony over 13 years ago

There are currently 2 methods for writing SetValues, setSetValues and updateSetValues. The only way to see what is going on is to look at the code. As I make my way through the various components I will add in the javadoc and then generate it and put a link to it on the wiki, this will show the values that get set for each call. So far I have only done the AlarmHandler, see click on AlarmHandlerSuperMouse for an example.

Hmm, just check the code looks like everything except the magnets can be updated by updateSetValues as long as the run number exists. Possible we could have the methods setStartSetValues and setEndSetValues. Obviously I will have to make a number of changes in this area if we are going to add in more flags.

Will having the javadoc that clearly documents the expected parameters for each call, as per the AlarmHandler, be sufficient?

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