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Analysis tag in the CDB

Added by Martyniak, Janusz about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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04 October 2017
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I'm opening this feature request by copying various mails about this. This is a part of discussion after we realised that it was not practical/possible to add the tag from within the run control.

Here is my summary a mailed to people interested on July 24th at 16:10 :

Re: Analysis tag in the CDB. A summary of our discussion on Friday


Wording: sub tags a.k.a dependent tags == BL, CC, ABS tag names which shifter select and RC runs out to the CDB

I design and write a new CDB module Web Service to store an analysis tag with it’s sub-tags and the PDF place holder as discussed on Fri and described in this email thread.
This is to be run from the Control Room by experts. Let me stress it again, it is just a set of templates, not related to any runs.


We write a simple Python script based on existing python APIs (pseudocode)

def setAnalisisTagForRun(runumber):

    bl_tagname = get_beamline_tag_name_for_run(renumber)   # a trivial wrapper around get_beamline_for_run(renumber) existing Python API call. We just need a name
    cc_tagname =     # ditto for the CC
    abs_tagname =   # ditto fro the absorber

# the meat:

      set_analysis_tag_for_run(runnumber, bl_tagname, cc_tagname, abs_tagname)   # has to be written as a python binding to the new CDB module WebService 
         stores a relation between the run number and the analysis tag retrieved from the expert analysis tag table which corresponds to the sub tags in the 
         argument list. The analysis tag name can be easily retrieved from the CDB by a remote call, and once known used to create a relationship:
         (analysis_tag_name, runumber). Job done.
    No analysis tag which corresponds to the set of sub tags listed in the argument.
    Possible cause:
     - shifts have selected a wrong sub-tag combination from the RC
     - experts have not stored the required analysis tag which corresponds to that combination.

 #### end of script

The script is to be run after run has been taken, once a day or so for all runs (we can get a list of runs automatically).

It would do a job, although is not perfect.

Thoughts ?


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