Bug #1818

PPS issues from January 2016 tests

Added by MacWaters, Craig about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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02 February 2016
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- Crash out button on over Linac fire escape door is not popping fully out. Needs adjustment.
- SC permit sign by the hall personnel door has cracked Perspex
- All 3x SC permit signs need other half of LED cluster connected. Was disconnected to reduce and balance current draw on PSU.
- RF mezz search door keyswitch tight
- RF cage east door - crash out sticky and not fully popping out. Needs adjustment.


Updated by MacWaters, Craig about 8 years ago

Subsequent issue found with MICE hall outer door. The magnetic lock is not well aligned so if it is tightened up it will not adequately suck the plate onto it. I've had to loosen the body and so it allows movement and it can then lock the door with enough force. Ideally the lock body needs to be mounted using the slotted holes so the position can be more accurately tuned.


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry about 8 years ago

Also please can you have a look at the "Union" keys on the Personnel Door?

The one on PK07 really didn't want to go into the lock at all, and even PK06 (which I usually use) didn't feel right.

And the Union key attached to Cancel Search (purple tag) seems to belong to a completely different lock!

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