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Tests seg fault when installing MAUS 0.9.4

Added by Blackmore, Victoria almost 9 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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29 April 2015
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Installation of 0.9.4 fails at the test stage with a segmentation fault on Ubuntu 14.04. Install log file and test outputs attached.

I do have a copy of ROOT lying around in another location on disk, but would've expected the MAUS install script to have sourced its own downloaded version and avoid any potential conflicts... otherwise, I'm out of ideas and would appreciate a hand!


install.log (9.04 MB) install.log Blackmore, Victoria, 29 April 2015 12:27
run_tests_log.txt (540 Bytes) run_tests_log.txt Blackmore, Victoria, 29 April 2015 12:27
output.txt (540 Bytes) output.txt Blackmore, Victoria, 29 April 2015 12:54 (1.23 KB) Blackmore, Victoria, 16 May 2015 16:46

Updated by Dobbs, Adam almost 9 years ago

Hmmmmm, unusual, this is not an error I have encountered before. MAUS should ignore any system version of ROOT. Could you open a clean shell, source, then let me know the output of

which root

It is also worth cleaning, rebuilding and retesting:

scons -c
scons -j4


Updated by Blackmore, Victoria almost 9 years ago

In a clean terminal:

which root

<< /home/vicki/work/root/bin/root

which root

<< /home/victoria/WorkPrograms/maus/third_party/build/root_v5.34.07/bin/root

so it should be picking up the right version. (I only mentioned it because it looked like a root-related test that it seg-faulted on)

The clean/rebuild/retest is in progress.... (please enjoy this lovely hold music whilst you wait!)


Updated by Blackmore, Victoria almost 9 years ago

No change to report on the clean/rebuild/retest (output attached, but it's functionally identical to the previous output apart from a few lines of what looks like memory addresses?)


Updated by Dobbs, Adam almost 9 years ago

Odd... I checked through the install log too, and both ROOT and MAUS itself look like they have built correctly. Have you installed the ubuntu dependencies listed at ? Officially we don't support Ubuntu, but I had 0.9.4 running on 14.04 for ages without a problem, so it should work. Perhaps the next time we are in the same place we can sit down together and I can take look? In the meanwhile, it might be easiest to just install it on the IC HEP cluster or RAL PPD cluster and use MAUS remotely (I tend to do most of my work that way, safer, and can leave things running).


Updated by Blackmore, Victoria almost 9 years ago

Yup, the install page was followed religiously. It's a bit of a bear that it doesn't want to work given the plans I had for it (running ./bin/ crashes with similar looking error messages, so MAUS surely can't be installed properly.. )

Co-located debugging it is then!


Updated by Blackmore, Victoria almost 9 years ago

OK, so this is what my Personal Guru has found:

In the MAUS-installed ROOT, most library files reference other ROOT libraries by simple name (e.g. but a few use versioned names (e.g. All libraries get installed with simple names, not versioned names. Thus the versioned references are either unresolvable or resolve to a system-installed ROOT library. Once that's happened, the system ROOT library references the rest of the system ROOT by versioned name, and ends up loading two copies of things like libCore in the same process (crashy crashy!).

Due to a lack of time and not wanting to mess with the install scripts, my Personal Guru has given me the attached script to 'fix' the issue -- it scans libraries for versioned references and makes an appropriate sym-link in the ROOT install folder (so it doesn't get to look at the system ROOT any more). My Personal Guru claims that the script should be self explanatory!


Updated by Dobbs, Adam over 8 years ago

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OK, MAUS 0.9.6 should be far better at dealing with ROOT than before. This should hopefully resolve this. Closing this issue, but please make another if the problem persists in 0.9.6!

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