Feature #1610

Position and error from EMR recon for global recon

Added by Pidcott, Celeste over 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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21 January 2015
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17 April 2015
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New Issue


For global reconstruction the position of spacepoints in the EMR needs to be known. Currently, the EMR reconstruction returns an x and y position in terms of bar number, and z in terms of the plane number. Conversion of this to a global coordinate could be done by globals by hard coding the position of the bar/plane based upon the Step 4 legacy geometry, and the errors on the positions, of half a bar width, can be included in the same way. Ideally, the position obtained from the EMR recon would instead be in the global system, as it is for tracker recon.


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The EMRRecon now returns the three coordinates for each bar in millimetres. The origin of the z axis is the front of the very first plane and is the centre of the detector for the x and the y axes. The reconstruction also returns the standard deviation on these measurements in mm.


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Fixed since 0.9.5.

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