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Need reconstruction quality flags

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11 November 2014
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We want to have reconstruction quality flags from MAUS to denote the status of the production reconstruction.
These, in addition to run quality flags from MLCR, will give analysis users a way of checking whether data is 'analyzable'.

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Updated by Rajaram, Durga over 9 years ago

Notes from the Software Workshop discussion

  • How do we get data quality (really reconstruction quality) flags to the DB?
  • Option A:
    • Have a post-processing job run on RAL PPD machine and get it to CDB via MICENet
      • But --
        • have to retrieve data (from CASTOR or a wget)
        • need to maintain a MAUS installation on a PPD machine (could be circumvented by CVMFS)
        • need to maintain a PPD machine and monitor cron jobs
  • Option B:
    • Have the MAUS job on the GRID spit out the flags?
      • can't do it with a simple return value since it might not fit into a INT
        • currently the GRID job takes the exit status from MAUS and gets it into the IC Metadata DB
      • Solution: have MAUS write out an XML file to cwd which Janusz can then read, parse, and retrieve flags and get them into the IC Metadata DB
        • The flags will still need to get into the CDB
        • Janusz's solution is to have a cron job at RAL pull information from the IC Metadata DB and update the CD
  • Option B seems better long-term
  • What's needed to get the flags out of MAUS
    • Mappers to write a flag for each spill
                   data_quality: {
                     "flag_name": T/F
    • Each detector/mapper can write out several flags if necessary or potentially useful for analyses downstream
    • Need MC flags for Digitizers and Hits
    • Need flags from Global Reco and Global PID eventually
      • the datastructure should be put in place even if the mappers are not ready to send flags
    • Q: Do we need flags from the DAQ Unpacking? I think if we're going to setup flags, we should flag whatever could potentially be useful
    • Since the flags will be written by Mappers they will be spill-level
    • Need a Reducer at the end to go through the flags (which are spill-level) and put out a summary flag for each run
      • this can be based on a tolerance defined in a datacard
        • e.g. detector_digi_quality = True if (nTrue / (nTrue + nFalse) ) > detector_digi_tolerance

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Done for KL in MAUS 0.9.6. Other detector groups have been informed...

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