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Failed to upload geometry to configuration database

Added by Rogers, Chris almost 11 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

Wilson, Antony
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25 June 2013
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We are trying to upload a geometry to the configuration database. As a starting point we decided to upload to either rgma (old test CDB server) or preprod, as it is clear we don't know what we are doing. I should say we tried several permutations on the URI without success. Email trail below:

Hi Chris,

So you know and before I forget, this was my last communication with Antony prior to leaving.

Also, I have the latest version of the geometry uploaded to ".maus_release/files/geometry/upload". Executing the "upload_geometry" command that we were running will post the files in that directory to the CDB. Probably an unnecessary point but I thought I should tell you that the files are there and that they are legitimate.


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Subject: RE: issue with geometry upload from miceonrec01

you can use
NB at some point this will switch to port 80

This is a new machine and I'm not sure if it is visible externally yet, the plan is to open port 80 to the outside world

From: Ryan Bayes [<>]
Sent: 25 June 2013 11:25
To: Wilson, Antony (STFC,RAL,SC)
Subject: Re: issue with geometry upload from miceonrec01

Thank you. That is helpful.

Another question: Mat suggested using the test server "<>". Do you know if this server is indeed in operation.

Thanks again,

On 2013-06-25, at 10:29 AM, <<><>> wrote:<><><> is the default server, not the default upload server, by default you get read only access. Matt has a machine in the control room that he uses for upload. It should be configured to use


> From: Ryan Bayes []
> Sent: 25 June 2013 10:19
> To: Wilson, Antony (STFC,RAL,SC)
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> Subject: Re: issue with geometry upload from miceonrec01
> But I am now confused.
> I was trying from the mice control room. I was under the impression that would put me behind the firewall.
> Also,<> is the default upload server in the CDB software as distributed. I learned from Mat that there is a way to get around this but the correct server name is required, and I am not sure what that is.
> Respectfully,
> Ryan
> On 2013-06-24, at 8:21 AM, <<>> <<>> wrote:
> Hi Ryan
> provides read only access to the cdb. The cdb super mouse web service is running on a machine in the control room and has restricted access. If you need to upload a geometry to the production system then Mat should be able to help
> Regards
> Antony
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> From: Ryan Bayes []
> Sent: 23 June 2013 17:55
> To: Wilson, Antony (STFC,RAL,SC);<>
> Subject: issue with geometry upload from miceonrec01
> Hello Antony,
> I know that you have moved on to bigger and brighter things, but I hoped you could help me with a problem or direct me to somebody else who could.
> I have been trying to upload a geometry to the MICE configuration data base, and I get the following feed back
> [miceonrec01] utilities > ./ Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "./", line 72, in <module>
>     main()
>   File "./", line 59, in main
>     (ul_dir, str(configuration.geometry_upload_note))
>   File "/home/mice/MAUS/.maus_release/src/common_py/geometry/", line 72, in __init__
>     self.geometry_cdb = cdb.GeometrySuperMouse()
>   File "/home/mice/MAUS/.maus_release/third_party/install/lib/python2.7/site-packages/cdb/", line 40, in __init__
>     "/cdb/geometrySuperMouse?wsdl")
>   File "/home/mice/MAUS/.maus_release/third_party/install/lib/python2.7/site-packages/cdb/", line 44, in __init__
>     super(Geometry, self).__init__(url, wsdl_dir)
>   File "/home/mice/MAUS/.maus_release/third_party/install/lib/python2.7/site-packages/cdb/", line 39, in __init__
>     _cdb_wsdl)
> cdb._exceptions.CdbTemporaryError: Unable to contact CDB server at
> The contents of the configuration file do not matter for the purpose of this problem since it seems to be in the ability of the program
> to contact the server (which is defined in the SuperMouse method of CDB). Is there a different machine or user I should be doing this as?
> Is there a different problem I should be aware of?
> Thank you,
> Ryan Bayes
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