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batch iteration number specification

Added by Rogers, Chris almost 11 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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05 June 2013
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Require specification of batch iteration number for configuration database


Updated by Rogers, Chris almost 11 years ago

During recent GRID workshop we decided that run control should be handled by a master batch iteration number

  • Uniquely defined parameter that is passed to the batch execution script at run time as command line variable
  • Determines the datacards that will be used by MAUS
  • Datacards should be stored on configuration database

Propose new table in configuration database, "batch iteration" which contains:

  • batch iteration number which is a smallint and is the primary key
  • string comment which contains a descriptor of the datacards
  • string which contains the reconstruction datacards that will be used by MAUS passed in by the configuration_file parameter
  • string which contains the MC datacards that will be used by MAUS passed in by the configuration_file parameter

Updated by Rogers, Chris over 10 years ago

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Updated by Rogers, Chris about 10 years ago

By email, from Janusz:

OK, so to summarise:

  1. we are inserting one COMPLETE record, in which only a comment may be changed later *). I specified datacard fields as NOT NULL (and no defaults) which mean they are obligatory.
  2. we don’t allow to DELETE any records or UPDATE any records apart from the comment.

*) there is a timestamp field I want to use internally to have an idea when the record was inserted. Do we want a comment update to modify it (probably not) ?


Updated by Rajaram, Durga about 10 years ago

  • Target version changed from Future MAUS release to MAUS-v0.8.2

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