Bug #1269

Issues arising from PPS functional test April 2013

Added by MacWaters, Craig almost 11 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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29 April 2013
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  1. Fortress key in personnel door is pulled anti-clockwise and stops any further exit from within. This can be very problematic. Caused by damage to lock?
    Added label to key that when placed sticker side up should mean that it is not pulled into locking position
  2. Need to ensure that MLCR sounder and beacon are activated when the search is dropped with an SC permit in place. Functional spec needs to be made clearer
  3. BW light/BOB test selector issue. Can only achieve "Hall ready" when switched to Blue/White lights. Switched to BOBs causes some weird feedback loop. Flashing lights & chattering relays etc. This is a fault! Maybe internal switch wiring fault or current sensor for BOB lights?
    Problem understood by P.Warburton. Will aim to re-wire in Easter 2014 shutdown
  4. Check mechanical action of fire escape crash-out seems bit dodgy
  5. RF mezz search door crash out plunger stiff
  6. Update functional test sheet with regards issues highlighted during last 2 tests
  7. WHY can we only achieve muon permit in "Muon test" mode when the hall is free access. E.g. why is this not achieved when hall searched etc
    This as designed. When the hall is searched you should only use full Muno permit mode
  8. Update mimic screen to show sequential latching inputs on RF permit chain. Bit misleading as it stands
  9. PK00 is stiff in MLCR keyswitch

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Precedes Operations - Bug #1620: PPS issues from January 2015 testsOpenMacWaters, Craig 04 February 2015


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry almost 11 years ago

10. Smoked glass rather than opaque on new exterior warning lamps (done)


Updated by MacWaters, Craig almost 11 years ago

11. Add a UPS battery test to the annual functional test.

Carried out UPS test in Jan 2014, lasted 1.5hrs on 4amp load. Will add test to functional test sheet


Updated by MacWaters, Craig over 10 years ago

12. LH2 search control panel box lock broken. Needs replacing (done)


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry over 10 years ago

13. Split-pin or similar on string by each Crash-Out Button, for reset.


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry over 10 years ago

14. Longer chain needed for auxiliary door key (done)


Updated by MacWaters, Craig about 10 years ago

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Updated by MacWaters, Craig almost 10 years ago

3. Feedback issue from Blue/White light & BOB test box rectified by Phil Warburton on 30/4/14. Tested by Phil and Craig with full search and placing selector in different positions. All working fine with respects to this.


Updated by MacWaters, Craig about 9 years ago

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CLOSED and superseded by Jan 2015 issues

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