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VRML Viewer Support

Added by Rogers, Chris about 11 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

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12 April 2013
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It is desirable to find a package that provides decent VRML support


Stage4MAUSVisualisation.png (78 KB) Stage4MAUSVisualisation.png Dobbs, Adam, 12 April 2013 13:07
stage4_vis.png (9.24 KB) stage4_vis.png Rogers, Chris, 12 April 2013 14:54

Updated by Rogers, Chris about 11 years ago

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Updated by Rogers, Chris about 11 years ago

Trying PyOpenGL. Looks like following packages are available on easy_install

  • PyOpenGL
  • PyOpenGLContext
  • PyVRML97
  • simpleparse

Humm, probably means writing ones own GUI - urk.


Updated by Dobbs, Adam about 11 years ago

Successfully turned on GEANT4 visualisation in MAUS using datacard parameter:

geant4_visualisation = True

.wrl files produced.

VRML viewing very poorly supported in Linux. Found an application called MeshLab, which works on Ubuntu 12.10, which works with the output .wrl files and is available in the Ubuntu repositories. Other options such as OpenVRML, FreeWRL, view3dscene failed to compile or otherwise did not work (see for a list).

MICE geometry from the files is displaying fine in MeshLab (see attached), but not particles, which I would like very much.


Updated by Rogers, Chris about 11 years ago

This screenshot was generated by paraview. In my Linux Mint install (Ubuntu 11.10 derivative) do

sudo apt-get install paraview
/usr/bin/paraview g4_02.wrl 
<click on eye>

Updated by Dobbs, Adam about 11 years ago

Checked using InstantPlayer and FreeWRL on Windows and both visualised the geometry and showed the particle tracks. Tried the ParaView package (in the Ubuntu repositories, thanks Chris), which also visualises the geometry AND tracks. I'm happy.


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Updated installation documentation

Also available in: Atom PDF