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switching off Energy Loss..?

Added by Carlisle, Timothy over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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08 April 2013
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Is there a way to do this, as in G4MICE? I haven't spotted the appropriate datacard in the readme / etc.




Updated by Rogers, Chris over 8 years ago

Yes. Have a look at the documentation


Section 4 "Running the Monte Carlo" Table 4.8

Let me know if anything is unclear.



Updated by Carlisle, Timothy over 8 years ago

as in: none Particles will never lose energy or scatter during tracking and will never decay.

Sorry I wasn't clear, is there any way of doing this w/o turning off scattering also?


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 8 years ago

No I don't think that is possible. Sorry I did investigate this when updating the physics models and it looks like whatever Geant4 is doing doesn't permit turning off energy loss and still get the same multiple scattering distribution. For example, delta ray production can produce both energy and transverse kicks.

If you want to play with individual processes and see if you can persuade it, the hook is src/common_cpp/Simulation/MAUSPhysicsList.hh. I can of course merge any changes you think are useful back into the trunk if you get something working.


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 8 years ago

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Updated by Carlisle, Timothy over 8 years ago

Not to worry, the problem lay elsewhere in the end so I don't need it. Thanks.


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 8 years ago

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Okay, I will reject the feature.

Something that I can add, if it is useful, is a prerun macro that can be executed to modify the G4 physics list or an interactive mode to give access to the G4 command line. We used to have this in G4MICE and it was quite useful, I just never got around to reimplementing it when we switched to MAUS.

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