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Jenkins automated build on RAL PPD

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21 November 2012
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It would be great if we supported an automated build on micewww. This is for Janusz/GRID, one could foresee this being part of the overall MAUS development effort though.


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 11 years ago

Email from janusz:

 Thanks, scons -j8 seemed to be the command to run, it finished.

Should I follow with test locally, i.e 

echo "Run the tests" 
(./tests/run_tests.bash || (echo "FAIL!  See logs." && exit 1)) 2>>$FILE_ERR 1>>$FILE_STD

My build has the mouse root set as  MAUS-v0.1.1
The PPD installs have it as maus/

I can to either way, in the latter case mkdir:  MAUS-v0.1.1, cd there and wget.

or just wget if your bundles are to be built with the root as MAUS-v0.1.1 (real version no obviously ...)

We can do either, but one build it cannot be relocated due to hard links within the bundle.

I plan to include a version number in a config file of a client program (submitter). This way the user will be able to define the version to run. This will be passed to the job wrapper (which runs on the Grid) so appropriate s/w will be used and files will have correct pathnames.

Could you remind me how to determine a version number from within a tarball ? I don't see how I could make use of it in this scenario, but for instance for double checking.

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