Feature #1160

Add noise from electronics into Tracker MC

Added by Heidt, Christopher over 11 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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17 October 2012
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In Development


Add the effects of thermal electrons and cross talk between channels.
-Dark count in thermal electrons should introduce a 2% chance of increasing a signal read out by a channel by 1 PE.
-Effects of cross talk must be studied from May Single Station run from data runs with discriminators turned off.

Additionally implementation of channel parameters (Quantum efficiency, noise characteristics, ect...) need to be done on a channel by channel basis, currently implemented globally.


Updated by Heidt, Christopher over 11 years ago

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Updating this issue, I've added two new features to the MapCppTrackerMCDigitization class

First is the ability for the user to specify whether or not to include channel by channel calibration details into the Monte Carlo. Should the individual calibrations option be turned on but values not specified for all or any of the channels, or some of the calibrations for a channel are missing, the default values are used as listed in Individual calibrations are implanted via a flag in the script and can therefore be changed via a command line entry or configuration file. Additionally there is an entry that will point to a default file location that will hold the values for the calibrations this can also be changed at command line or through configuration file.

Second, I've add a function within the map to simulate the effect of noise at the level of digits. The works by iterating over all channels in every plane in both trackers. Currently noise is simulated via 1.7% chance of a 1 PE signal appearing in the channel corresponding to a dark count along with a toy signal put in as a place holder for signal cross talk till a study can be done to develop a better model. The sum of these two processes are added to the NPE from any digit that already exist in that channel. If a digit already exist then the modified NPE is returned otherwise if the noise is greater than 1 PE a new digit is created.

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