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Magnet On lamp placement

Added by Nebrensky, Henry almost 12 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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07 September 2012
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01 September 2013
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I noticed today that if approaching the synch magnets (Q123 & D1) from the far side (anti-clockwise) there was no visible indication that they were on - e.g. D1 only has one lamp on one (the near) side.

There is a warning lamp on the wall on the far side but I didn't notice it come on - I believe this is for the Decay Solenoid. Martin Hughes' schematics show both dipoles as having two lamps, but each has only one (the DS is shown as having three, and has 2 in the DSA and presumably the one on the wall in the synch).

1) Can you find out please who is responsible for specifying the location of the lamps and that this omission is deliberate (and acceptable)
2) Confirm the role of the lamp on the wall - if it is instead for D1 then it will need testing and probably repair...

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Updated by Nebrensky, Henry over 11 years ago

When approaching the MICE magnets in ISIS from the downstream side, there aren't any obvious Magnet-On lamps visible:

and still no warning even as you approach the exposed conductors:

Whereas from our usual approach there is a warning lamp clearly visible on each magnet:

The matter was discussed at the MICE Hall Meeting 28 Jan 2013: A Nichols to raise at next MICE-ISIS Safety mtg. Any remedial work likely to be in summer shutdown.


Updated by Coney, Linda over 11 years ago

Good to have the photos.

Henry - do you know who sets the schedule for this work? Given the planned arrival of the spectrometer solenoids in August, it would be best to have this kind of thing finished by then in case the DL crew is needed for the SS work.

Looking at the ISIS schedule, there is a shutdown 1 Apr - 28 Apr that should work - it's longer than the June shutdown.


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry over 11 years ago

  • Due date changed from 04 November 2012 to 01 July 2013

Note that we can always fence off the synch magnets, so it is indeed possible that the lamps aren't really needed (as long as ISIS respect the
fences!) or that remedial work isn't deemed urgent.

However there is a worry that what's in place doesn't seem to match the drawings, and safety warning systems aren't something we should be
redesigning on the fly!

By definition this activity must be connected with the status panel / power supply in #374 - I suspect there's a higher-level activity needed to decide who actually owns (at hands-on level) that system.

I've changed the due date to "start of summer run".


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry over 11 years ago

Next MICE-ISIS safety meeting is start March, not clear if a decision then would allow work to start already in April shutdown.


Updated by MOM, Mice Operations Manager over 11 years ago

  • Assignee changed from MOM, Mice Operations Manager to Nebrensky, Henry

Re-assigned to Henry as head of beam line hardware.


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry over 11 years ago

  • Priority changed from Urgent to Low

Raised in MICE-ISIS Safety meeting.

Lamps not felt to be mandatory - ISIS crew should treat all magnets as potentially live (unless explicitly isolated), and contractors should be protected by the barriering-off during shutdowns.

We've agreed to add the extra lamps anyway as it's easy to do and clears up the contradictory situation - will need to discuss with electrical team.


Updated by MOM, Mice Operations Manager about 11 years ago

New lamps have been added but testing is not yet complete:


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry about 11 years ago

It has turned out that the lamps installed in the synchrotron were taken from Q789 - D2 and Q789 now have only 1 lamp on the magnet itself. So these need replacing at some point.
Can't remember if there were two on D2 before - may not have been.

Once all lamps actually in place, need to re-tweak current sensors in status panel ( #374) to ensure that status lights will indeed go out, even if only one lamp fails.


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry almost 11 years ago

  • Due date changed from 01 July 2013 to 01 September 2013

Lamps have been fitted to Q789 and tested OK.

Lamp needs fitting to D2 this shutdown.


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry almost 11 years ago

NB The lamp on the south side of the DS has been re-mounted so that it hangs off the platform around the DS turret, rather than being attached to the yellow lifting frame (which is likely to be removed and placed in storage).


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry almost 11 years ago

D2 second lamp installed and tested:

Check again when D2 replaced in position next week.


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry almost 11 years ago

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The Magnet-On lamps on D2 (and status panel indicator) came on as expected when we made a quick test today.

I've been told it's not clear from the drawings what the lamp on the wall in the ISIS vault is for - my guess was that it's for the DS. This will be confirmed when the status panel is tested with the DS to complete the work for #374. Meanwhile all Beamline magnets now have sufficient lamps around them, so I will close this ticket.


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry over 9 years ago

The lamp on the wall in ISIS is indeed for the DS (right of picture in update 7).

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