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Tracker TDC / ADC in Datastructure

Added by Dobbs, Adam over 11 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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06 September 2012
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A reducer, ReducePyHistogramTDCADCCounts is badly out of date. I noticed when I was trying to correct a test failure in ./bin/examples/ , which uses this reducer. It is still looking for a 'digits' flag in the top level of the JSON, which has not been there since we moved to the new data structure. I have tried to correct it, but then noticed that the tracker tdc /adc values do not seem to to appear in the official data structure or in the output data files. So,

1. The reducer needs to be updated or removed
2. Where is tracker adc / tdc data?



Updated by Santos, Edward over 11 years ago

The sample data used to make the png in the documentation seems to lie at CR's personal machine, so can't look at that. Does it contain tracker1 and tracker0 data? That would require cosmic data from lab7. Then, I don't know what's the status of the JsonCppProcessors for the tracker's daq_data.

Aside all that, the reconstruction works fine with the adc and tdc values and they are saved in the JSON output.


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 11 years ago

Again, is this Rogers or Heidt? Or someone else?


Updated by Dobbs, Adam over 11 years ago

I think this is one for you Chris. I don't know who wrote the original reducer, but I would say its up to them to update or remove it. Also, I think you need to define where the tdc and adc tracker data should live within the data structure. Ed S, could you say where in the JSON it is currently stored?


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 11 years ago

Well, for raw unpacked data from the DAQ it goes in the daq structure. For pure mc data it goes in the mc_event. Everything else should go in the recon_event (presumably under tracker).


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 11 years ago

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Removed in r806.


Updated by Rogers, Chris over 11 years ago

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