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Tracker branch error messages

Added by Dobbs, Adam almost 12 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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03 August 2012
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Hi Guys,

So I don't know if there is already an issue open for this, if so, please close. The tracker branch has since about a week ago started producing some strange error messages and test failures. One example is:

Warning - failed to open module /home/adobbs/maus/tracker_devel/src/legacy/FILES/Models/Modules/QCField - I assume it is not required

when we try to run a script. Additionally the unit tests sometimes seem to fail on two Geant4 tests:

[ FAILED ] MAUSGeant4ManagerTest.RunParticlePGTest (2402 ms)
[ FAILED ] MAUSGeant4ManagerTest.RunParticlePGTest (303 ms)

and sometimes on a RealDataDigitisation test, and the full test script never gets to the integration tests at present. Yet Jenkins is passing....

I a bit lost as to what's up, but I can see it coming to bite us when we coming to merge in to the trunk, so best we sort now while its still a recent phenomenon.


install_log_std_6_ (4.62 MB) install_log_std_6_ Rogers, Chris, 03 August 2012 14:36

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Updated by Rogers, Chris almost 12 years ago

The MAUSGeant4ManagerTest was already raised by Edward in fact - Trying to fire a particle through configuration Test.dat, it looks like Geant4 sometimes doesn't see the liquid Hydrogen volume. Which is a bit worrying. Investigation reported in #1060. I cleaned up some memory issues in the trunk. Try merging with the trunk and see if the problem persists (maybe I should do a release for you to merge over?). It's difficult to track down as it's an intermittent bug...


Updated by Rogers, Chris almost 12 years ago

Humm, I merged my branch with the trunk and am still seeing errors... I will have another dig...


Updated by Rogers, Chris almost 12 years ago

attachment:install_log_std_6_ install log from MAUS_rogers build #278


Updated by Santos, Edward over 11 years ago

This can be closed.


Updated by Dobbs, Adam over 11 years ago

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Yes, the bug has gone, thanks Ed.

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