Bug #1028

Bug #1026: Installation issue - and read/write

Incorrect calling of base functions fails to compile in gcc 4.8

Added by Rogers, Chris almost 12 years ago. Updated almost 12 years ago.

Detector Integration
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21 June 2012
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Get an error message like

The error is

g++ -o src/common_cpp/JsonCppProcessors/HitProcessor.os -c -Wall -Dlong32='int' "-Dlong64='long long'" -O3 -m64 -pthread -rdynamic -fPIC -Ithird_party/install/include -Ithird_party/install/include/python2.7 -Ithird_party/install/include/root -Isrc/legacy -Isrc/common_cpp -Ithird_party/build/root_v5.30.03/include -Ithird_party/build/geant4.9.2.p04/include -I. src/common_cpp/JsonCppProcessors/
In file included from src/common_cpp/JsonCppProcessors/
./src/common_cpp/JsonCppProcessors/HitProcessor.hh: In instantiation of 'void MAUS::HitProcessor<ChannelId>::RegisterBranches() [with ChannelId = MAUS::SciFiChannelId]':
src/common_cpp/JsonCppProcessors/   required from here
./src/common_cpp/JsonCppProcessors/HitProcessor.hh:54:5: error: 'RegisterValueBranch' was not declared in this scope, and no declarations were found by argument-dependent lookup at the point of instantiation [-fpermissive]
./src/common_cpp/JsonCppProcessors/HitProcessor.hh:54:5: note: declarations in dependent base 'MAUS::ObjectProcessor<MAUS::Hit<MAUS::SciFiChannelId> >' are not found by unqualified lookup
./src/common_cpp/JsonCppProcessors/HitProcessor.hh:54:5: note: use 'this->RegisterValueBranch' instead


test2.txt (141 KB) test2.txt Pradhan, Neetish, 21 June 2012 17:43

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Updated by Rogers, Chris almost 12 years ago

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Ah, I meant gcc4.7.1

Okay, patch is:

=== modified file 'src/common_cpp/JsonCppProcessors/'
--- src/common_cpp/JsonCppProcessors/    2012-03-14 08:26:19 +0000
+++ src/common_cpp/JsonCppProcessors/    2012-06-21 11:09:41 +0000
@@ -25,19 +25,19 @@
 template <>
     : _channel_id_proc(new SciFiChannelIdProcessor()) {
-    RegisterBranches();
+    this->RegisterBranches();

 template <>
     : _channel_id_proc(new TOFChannelIdProcessor()) {
-    RegisterBranches();
+    this->RegisterBranches();

 template <>
     : _channel_id_proc(new SpecialVirtualChannelIdProcessor()) {
-    RegisterBranches();
+    this->RegisterBranches();
=== modified file 'src/common_cpp/JsonCppProcessors/HitProcessor.hh'
--- src/common_cpp/JsonCppProcessors/HitProcessor.hh    2012-03-14 08:46:38 +0000
+++ src/common_cpp/JsonCppProcessors/HitProcessor.hh    2012-06-21 11:10:19 +0000
@@ -51,31 +51,31 @@

 template <class ChannelId>
 void HitProcessor<ChannelId>::RegisterBranches() {
-    RegisterValueBranch("track_id", &_int_proc,
+    this->RegisterValueBranch("track_id", &_int_proc,
                         &Hit<ChannelId>::SetTrackId, true);
-    RegisterValueBranch("particle_id", &_int_proc,
+    this->RegisterValueBranch("particle_id", &_int_proc,
                         &Hit<ChannelId>::SetParticleId, true);
-    RegisterValueBranch("energy", &_double_proc,
+    this->RegisterValueBranch("energy", &_double_proc,
                         &Hit<ChannelId>::SetEnergy, true);
-    RegisterValueBranch("charge", &_double_proc,
+    this->RegisterValueBranch("charge", &_double_proc,
                         &Hit<ChannelId>::SetCharge, true);
-    RegisterValueBranch("time", &_double_proc,
+    this->RegisterValueBranch("time", &_double_proc,
                         &Hit<ChannelId>::SetTime, true);
-    RegisterValueBranch("energy_deposited", &_double_proc,
+    this->RegisterValueBranch("energy_deposited", &_double_proc,
                         &Hit<ChannelId>::SetEnergyDeposited, true);
-    RegisterValueBranch("position", &_three_vec_proc,
+    this->RegisterValueBranch("position", &_three_vec_proc,
                         &Hit<ChannelId>::SetPosition, true);
-    RegisterValueBranch("momentum", &_three_vec_proc,
+    this->RegisterValueBranch("momentum", &_three_vec_proc,
                         &Hit<ChannelId>::SetMomentum, true);
-    RegisterPointerBranch("channel_id", _channel_id_proc,
+    this->RegisterPointerBranch("channel_id", _channel_id_proc,
                         &Hit<ChannelId>::SetChannelId, true);

Checked now the whole compile in gcc4.7.1 and it looks okay. Now running tests.


Updated by Rogers, Chris almost 12 years ago

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Looks okay...


Updated by Pradhan, Neetish almost 12 years ago

Thanks, the patch worked and it compiled. When running the tests, there seemed to be one error. But it could be because the default python on this system is 3.2. Attaching test output, just in case.
(p.s. running on a data file right now, seems to be going fine so far.)


Updated by Rogers, Chris almost 12 years ago

Okay, you can ignore that one - it is a non-critical test fail fixed in the trunk.

If you are curious - we have an automated tool 'pylint' to do static code analysis on python code (the closest thing to a compiler for python). For some reason this was failing to import modules when run from a directory that was not the MAUS_ROOT_DIR. So now I force the style tests into the MAUS_ROOT_DIR before doing the style check.

Not sure why it is failing for you though. Python version shouldn't matter, as we install our own python 2.7.2 as part of the build process. Shrug. If it turns up again I will dig. The issue is #1022.


Updated by Rogers, Chris almost 12 years ago

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