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via email from Adam

Ah, yes, think is just the sort of intro we need!  A few comments

Under Running MAUS:
- "Start a clean shell (to reset the environment) and move into the top
level MAUS directory
- source
- ./bin/
- ./bin/

Under Accessing Data:
- Consider providing a link to the ROOT user guide or website (some people
come to MAUS before ROOT!)

- "The event in MAUS is the spill" - I see what you mean, but it might
cause confusion later on when people come to other types of events.  How
about something like "MAUS operates on data in discrete blocks, known as
spills, with one spill representing the particle burst generated by one dip
of the MICE target" 
- Can this diagram be rotated and shrunk a little?
- Explain what the box underneath each label means, e.g. what [] symbolises.
- The short description of ROOT just about "Accessing data with ROOT" might
be better put in the first chapter, when ROOT is first mentioned.
- Under Conversion to and Worlking with JSON. Perhaps a little example here
  - import json
  - f1 = open('data_file.json','r')
  - line = f1.readline()
  - spill =json.loads(line)
  <spill is now a python dictionary holding one spill's worth of data>
  <to move to the next spill, repeat line = f1.readline(), spill =
- Under Extending the Data Structure: What is the ClassDef() macro? Again,
perhaps a short example might be helpful.

It might be useful to also include a brief description between the current
chapters 1. and 2. on how maus is structured: top level python scripts, 4
types of modules in both c++ and python, input, maps, reducers, output.
Module code can be found in src/input, src/map etc. G4MICE backend. Perhaps
show an example script like to illustrate.


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API documentation is part of #907 - but may need something else as well.


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Fixed in r730.

Note that the API documentation will be done as part of #907 hopefully...


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