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List of regular safety-critical checks

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06 June 2012
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25 June 2012
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Updated by Nebrensky, Henry almost 12 years ago

"Pressure Vessels" (PSSR 2000 via STFC Code 33): "Non-exempt" vessels require
  • Registration with SHE
  • WSE ("Written Scheme of Examination")
  • Statutory inspections, at intervals specified by WSE

Exemption is for anything with a Pressure*Volume product of less than 250 bar*litres.
Vacuum systems can also be pressure vessels.

Known Status:
  • Decay Solenoid - Buffer Tank: 5 yearly tests (M Courthold)
  • LH2 system - Two pressure vessels, registered with SHE (S Watson)
Unkown Status:
  • Air Receiver - 12 bar * 1000 l - on service contract via J Govans?
  • Air Booster/receiver in trench - 11 bar * 150 l - on service contract via J Govans?
  • Trench water bombe is hydraulic
  • Cooling Channel magnets and cryo cooler lines: SS, AFC, RFCC
  • LH2 absorbers
  • RF transmission lines, esp. if filled with SF6 or whatever. RF tube is less than 250 l
  • Pneumatic systems for diffuser and proton absorber
  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Gas cylinders

Updated by Nebrensky, Henry almost 12 years ago

Gas Regulators (need to find reference) need replacement/servicing after 5 years

It's been suggested by SHE (?) that it's easier to replace them ~annually rather than trying to run a register of them all.


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry almost 12 years ago

Hydraulic Systems - need to check requirements

  • Cooling water
  • Beamstop Lifting Table - receives annual service (G Barber)

Updated by Nebrensky, Henry almost 12 years ago

Electrical Testing: need to check requirements

  • PAT testing - mandatory
  • Fixed cabling/dist. boards/substation - inspection?
  • There should be regular checks that high-current supply (and earth) leads to magnets are properly attached. Not sure if that's a MICE or a Safety Code requirement
  • LH2 Earthing tests - this is an internal MICE requirement (S Watson)

Updated by Nebrensky, Henry almost 12 years ago

PPS Functional Tests: need to check requirements

  • Bench test of PPS crate logic and functional test of whole system - every January (C Macwaters)

(Functional tests must follow within a fortnight of the crates' bench tests)


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry almost 12 years ago

Noise Levels: need to check requirements

Re-test every two years (or after significant changes)
1st action level 80dBA, 2nd action level 85dBA

  • Rack Room - <80 dBA July 2011 (V Francis)
  • MICE Hall - 85-87dBA May 2013 (will need to use ear defenders)
  • R9 with cryo compressors?

Updated by Nebrensky, Henry almost 12 years ago

Ionising Radiation: need to check requirements (stem from Ionising Radiation Regulations, depend on purpose of device)

The Neutron Monitor in the DSA is described as being there specifically for "personnel protection" and therefore requires annual calibration.

Informally have agreed that therefore need 3 separate checks each year:
  • metrological calibration with a known source
  • functional test that alarm levels correctly set and alarms properly trigger
  • inspection of desiccant

During winter 2012 this responsibility has been transferred from the MOM to STFC, specifically the MICE Hall RPS (T Hayler). Frances Burge has provided a log sheet adjacent to the device control unit.

At the May 2013 MICE-ISIS Safety Mgt. Meeting it was requested that we place film badges around the MICE Hall to monitor radiation levels, but this isn't a statutory requirement (so maybe should be in #1282). In any case it would be up to Health Physics to change them after each ISIS running period.

Also, will there be anything related to X-rays from RF?


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry almost 12 years ago

Magnet Warning Lamps: need to check source of requirement

Magnets are fitted with "Magnet On" warning lamps to alert people to appearance of magnetic and electrical hazards. For Cooling Channel magnets these are the permit lamps forming part of the PPS and checked annually.

For the Beamline magnets, these are attached to the magnet itself and are checked either via the Magnet Status Panel (c.f. #374) or by direct inspection of active magnet. An annual inspection interval has been specified within MICE since at least January 2012.
I'm not clear where the requirement stems from, but certainly ISIS DOs have expressed concerns regarding running Synch magnets when ISIS is open and there may therefore be contractors in the vicinity that are unfamiliar with the hazards.

N.B. "Beamline magnets" above includes the Decay Solenoid.


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry almost 12 years ago

Documentation: need to check for any requirement

Risk Assessments and accompanying Method Statements need to be written for new equipment and reviewed/amended when needed.
Am told they are valid for two years.

Should there be some scheduled review process?


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry almost 12 years ago

"Operators": need to check specific requirement

Have duty-of-care to others and responsibilities under Health and Safety legislation to carry out work safely; need appropriate training.

Required to have valid

  • CDM training (once-off?)
  • RAL Site Safety Induction - re-take every 5 years
  • ISIS Facility Safety Test - re-take every 2 years

Updated by Nebrensky, Henry over 11 years ago

RF: need to check specific requirement

The RF waveguides should be checked for RF leakage annually


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry over 11 years ago

"Environmental" issues: Fire alarms and smoke detectors need regular tests, but that will be done centrally by RAL site so MICE only needs to arrange access.

Presumably the ODH monitors will have a testing/servicing regime - have been told that the sensing heads will require an annual service.

What about the VESDA system?


Updated by Nebrensky, Henry over 10 years ago

Compressed air "dead man's handle" on RF (and sliding floors?) needs regular inspection


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