Franchini, Paolo




12 December 2019

15:29 Analysis Feature #1993: Runs with poor Tracker track-finding efficiency
Just to clarify. I run on reconstructed events and basically the code loops over the spills selecting events that pas...

23 October 2019

11:57 MAUS Bug #1989: TOF SP
Nugent, John wrote:
> It counts the number of track points and discards tracks with less than a certain number.

22 October 2019

14:39 MAUS Bug #1989: TOF SP
Hi John,
I am a bit confused at this point because cannot reproduce your results. Have done some plotting with 076...

10 October 2019

12:42 MAUS Bug #1989: TOF SP
Thanks for the digging you have been doing. I was trying to re-reconstruct without the TOF/Tracker re-seeder but I am...

09 October 2019

16:07 MAUS Bug #1989: TOF SP
I have downloaded the *DATA* for 07666 (
15:49 MAUS Bug #1989: TOF SP
Hi John,
I do not see the MapCppTrackerTOFCombinedFit doing anything nasty like adding TOF space points and nothin...

27 September 2019

15:52 Analysis Wiki edit: Wiki (#585)
14:07 Analysis Wiki edit: MCProduction (#277)
14:05 Analysis Wiki edit: MCProduction (#276)
14:04 Analysis Wiki edit: MCProduction (#275)

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