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24 March 2017

06:54 MAUS Bug #1925 (Open): installation of merge branch
makeinfo is missing or too old
Info documentation will not be built.
flex a...

23 March 2017

12:25 MAUS Bug #1923 (Open): failure during oxygen installation
checking for bison... not found!
INFO: Making
make: *** No targets specified a...

21 March 2017

13:50 MAUS Feature #1920 (Open): installation of MAUS 2.8.3
During the running of 40python_extras>bash -gi
Processing dependencies for pylint
Searching for mccabe
Link to...

10 November 2016

19:01 MAUS Bug #1862: NaN in tracker reco
Modified so if any values in a track are nan, the track is not added to the event.
Checked usi...

01 November 2016

10:23 MAUS Bug #1862: NaN in tracker reco
At present I am having trouble duplicating the error - and am having trouble finding much time
with teaching commitm...

30 August 2016

10:30 MAUS Bug #1862: NaN in tracker reco
I check both position and momentum so they should both be OK.
If Adam says what replaces I can...

29 August 2016

06:09 MAUS Bug #1862: NaN in tracker reco
The error seems to have its origin in the momentum state at line 328 of MAUSSciFiPropagators, but I am not sure why.

27 August 2016

16:49 MAUS Bug #1862: NaN in tracker reco
Running Maus2.5.0 reconstruction on raw data 08155.000 and the correct cdb geometry under ubuntu 14.04.
Job complete...

27 July 2016

11:04 Operations Wiki edit: RunPlan20160727_ (#2)
10:58 Operations Wiki edit: RunPlans (#157)

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