Kyberd, Paul




10 November 2017

11:32 MAUS Feature #1879: Track point magnetic field information
Victoria, there were a couple of emails from Chris Rogers and Chris Hunt, on this topic. The last one from Chris Hunt...
11:26 MAUS Feature #1879: Track point magnetic field information
I think that is correct, need to go back and see where this was left

09 August 2017

11:29 MICE Update 7 August 2017
h2. Update: liquid-hydrogen system commissioning:
The third and final test of the liquid-hydrogen system using neo...
11:27 MICE Update 25 July 2017
h2. Update: liquid-hydrogen system commissioning:
Progress on the preparation of the liquid-hydrogen system has be...
11:26 MICE Update 26 May 2017
h2. Update; operations to end of Cycle 2017/01:
ISIS User Cycle 2017/01, presently underway, will end at 08:00 GMT...
11:24 MICE Update 22 May 2017
h2. New results presented at IPAC17
The MICE expedition to IPAC included contributions from Chris Rogers, Paulo Fr...
11:22 MICE Update 03 April 2017
Dear All,
Preparation for the next Cycle continues in the MICE Hall. The LH2 installation programme has been proc...

08 August 2017

11:15 MICE Update 10 March 2017
This week has been eventful for MICE. On Tuesday, operations in flip mode with the lithium-hydride absorber ended, t...

07 August 2017

13:59 MICE Update 02 December 2016
Dear All,
The Step IV data-taking programme with the lithium-hydride absorber continues to proceed according to pl...
13:58 MICE Update 26 October 2016
Dear All,
Data taking for the field-on LiH scattering programme started on Monday 24Oct16.
The attached plots...

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