Software Tests

The table below shows those classes within the tracker software which require higher levels of line coverage, to meet the MAUS trunk requirements.

Class Line Coverage (%) Responsible
Data structure
SciFiTrack 22.2 Santos
TrackerDaq 25.0 Santos
SciFiNoiseHit 32.0 Heidt
SciFiNoiseTrackPoint 41.5 Santos
SciFiMCLookup 73.9 Heidt
MapCppTrackerMisalignments 0.8 Santos
MapCppTrackerMCDigitsation 67.7 Heidt
MapCppTrackerDigits 71.0 Santos
ReduceCppPatternRecognition 69.2 Dobbs
TrackerDataAnalyserMomentum 0.7 Dobbs
TrackerDataPlotterSZ 3.4 Dobbs
TrackerDataPlotterTracks 9.1 Dobbs
TrackerDataPlotterXYZ 28.0 Dobbs
Monte Carlo
SciFiSD 5.4 Heidt
RealDataDigitisation 74.2 Santos