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h1. MICE

"MICE":, the Muon Ionisation Cooling Experiment, is a project to design, construct, operate and test a cell of a muon ionisation cooling channel that may be used for a future Neutrino Factory or Muon Collider. This is the front page for the MICE wiki and issue tracking tool.

Below are the links to subprojects. If you are a member of the collaboration, you can *"click here to register":* or *"click here if you have forgotten your password":*. If you do not use your academic/lab email address and real name, your account will be rejected.

News is "here": and very old news (before this website) is "here":

h2. Working Group Wikis

Wikis for each working group are listed below:

h3. MICE Experiment

* *[[analysis:|Analysis ]]*
* *[[computing-software:|Computing and Software]]* (requires password)
** *[[configdb:|Configuration Database]]*
** *[[MAUS:|MAUS]]*
** *[[online:|Online Group]]*
** *[[x-boa:|Accelerator Physics Software]]*
* *[[operations:|Operations]]*

h3. MICE Construction

* *project:decay-solenoid*
* *[[magnetic-shielding:|Magnetic Shielding]]*
* *project:r9-hall-operations*
* *[[tracker:|Tracker]]*
* *[[vacuum:|Vacuum]]*

h3. MICE Governance Goveranance

* *[[governance:|MICE Governance]]*
** External
*** *[[rlsr:|RLSR]]*
*** *[[mpb:|MPB]]*
** Collaboration
*** *[[mice-eb:|Executive Board]]*
*** Collaboration Board
*** *[[memo:|MEMO]]*
*** *[[mipo:|MIPO]]*

h2. General Information

Included here is information that's general to MICE *instead* of information on specific working groups, which is below for convenience. This information is stored in "wiki format":

* [[VisitingRAL|Information on Coming to RAL]]
* [[Lingo|Acronyms and Lingo]]
* *[[Speaker's Bureau|Speaker's Bureau]]*
* All "code": used in mice is hosted on launchpad in the "mice project group": ... [[launchpad_usage|More]]
* [[MICE News Images]]

h2. Monthly Videoconference Meetings

* [[PC_110713|Thursday 11th July 2013 at 15.00 GMT]]
* [[PC_290312|Thursday 29th March 2012 at 15.00 GMT]]