The X32 bus from Oxford and Didcot Parkway

The timetable is available here

Note that day-return and ten-trip tickets for this service can also be bought on the bus.

Discounted bus travel can be added on to rail tickets to Didcot Parkway via the Plusbus scheme.


From Didcot Parkway: an "open booking" lets you use a taxi when you arrive, even if you're not sure in advance when that will be. You must use a cab from a participating company, presently only Priors or Harolds (make sure to explain that you're "on the Rutherford list" when you get in).
To arrange an open booking, contact the MICE administrators (Rose and Debbie) or, if you have a budget code, RAL Transport (x5317) the day before.

Local destinations from RAL: contact the MICE administrators (Rose and Debbie) or, if you have a budget code, either RAL Transport (x5317) or (out of hours) the security desk.

Other destinations (e.g. the airport): contact the MICE administrators (Rose and Debbie) or, if you have a budget code, RAL Transport (x5317) the day before.

If you are happy to pay the fare yourself (e.g. personal use), there is an external phone and contact details for local taxi firms on the reception desk at the main gate.

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STFC self-drive vehicles

The following rules apply to all use of vehicles provided by STFC - this includes both the MICE van and also any rental car hired via an STFC budget code:

  • Vehicle keys are to be secured after use in either a key press or cupboard.
  • The logbook to be completed by the driver for either the journey or full days use and signed. This allows you to check who has driven the vehicle, if there is an offence committed then we can identify who was driving the vehicle at the time.
  • A vehicle check must be completed by the driver to ensure the roadworthiness and serviceability of the vehicle before it is driven.
  • Private use of the vehicle is forbidden as it is not covered for this purpose under STFC vehicle insurance.
  • The vehicle should not be parked off site after working hours without seeking permission from the Transport Manager (Mike Evason, x5544).
  • All drivers of the vehicle must have an STFC permit to drive.

The Diesel MICE Van (license plate: BL08 XPB)

The MICE van has been purchased through the MICE common fund for the transport needs of MICE collaborators and technical staff. It is a two seater van. The MICE group van is meant to be a communal van accessible to all members of MICE who have obtained a RAL Driving Permit. The MICE Hall Manager (presently Andy Nichols) is in charge of access to the van.

The MICE van keys and log book are now kept in a locked cabinet in R9 - contact John Govans to arrange access. There is also a fuel card (for purchase of DIESEL fuel only) linked to the van.

Note: The van is insured by RAL, but only when proper trip-logging is performed. Please be advised that the van must only be used for MICE business; its use for private purposes invalidates STFC's insurance policy. Please read the terms of use above.

Instructions for Use of the MICE Van.

  • You must have a valid STFC "Permit to Drive" to use the van (note that this expires after three years).
    This permit can be obtained by contacting Mike Evason of RAL Transport in R75 (01235 44 5544). You will need to produce your original valid driving license (copies will not be accepted).
  • ONLY open and lock the vehicle with the key fob (remote control on the key). NEVER open or lock it with the key itself. This will disable the ignition.
  • Check the van is roadworthy before you start.
  • Always complete the driver's log book which you can find in the van. If you don't, you and the van will not be insured!
  • The van can only be used for work purposes.
  • With permission the van can be parked overnight away from the RAL site, but it must be left in a well-lit, secure area.
  • Make sure you only use the van when healthy and fit for driving.
  • Co-ordinate the use of the van with your colleagues and the technical staff to make the most use of the van.
  • Please make sure you keep the van tidy and clean inside and out at all times.

The Owner's Guide and Service History are in the drawer underneath the driver's seat.
The van is fitted with 165/70R14 reinforced 85S tyres; this means tyre pressures should be 2.4 bar front, 3.0 bar rear.

Note the MICE van runs on Diesel fuel... in the UK, Diesel is the black nozzle while the green one is unleaded petrol. (Some countries have this backwards!)

MICE Van Fuel Card

The fuel card allows purchase of fuel and motor oil (but not, unfortunately, screenwash).

As of 11 July 2011, the fuel card is reported to be no longer accepted at the Rowstock garage; it is accepted at:

  • Milton Services (BP)
  • Chilton Services (Murco)
  • Abingdon (ESSO)
  • Oxford Oxpens Road (ESSO)
  • Challow, nr Wantage (ESSO)
  • Wantage centre (BP)
  • Grove (Jet)

in other words, pretty well everywhere else!

Warning - on 26th October 2012 it was refused at Oxpens Road on the grounds it looked like a fake ("that text should be black") - this should be raised with RAL Transport but in the meantime always ask beforehand, and don't wait until the very last drop before filling up!

Rental Car

Rose Hayes, or in her absence, Debbie Loader can arrange a hire car for you, subject to permission from the budget-holders (Ken or Andy). Vehicles are provided by Enterprise Car Rental and can be delivered to RAL reception (collect the keys from the Transport office). The terms of use above apply.

If you are renting as a private party and paying by cash or credit card, they cannot bring the car to the lab, but they will pick you up at the gate to get you to their office for paperwork, etc. You will need to have at least two forms of ID on you (they tend to prefer driver's license and passport), to know the address where you are staying and apparently your contact phone number (when you are at RAL for a short period of time, you tend to not remember your UK cell number).

Enterprise Car Rental in Newbury: phone number is 01635 524600 (John T or Scott).